June 17, 2021


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21 thoughts on “1 In 35 People ? 1 Way To Make Internet Safe ? DO IT NOW!!!

  1. On line fraud…thats why!….an advisor from the Halifax bank once told me to only give bank details to people you trust…that was twenty years ago…who on this planet can you really trust with your bank details….& as for data protection laws!

  2. It would be a better idea to be given an internet identity number, kind of like a national insurance number linked to you for life.
    But here’s an idea on how we deal with this ilk of people. Remove them from society for good, as there is no room in modern society for them. Just hang them once convicted regardless of what position in society they have held. It’s very simple in my opinion.

  3. You are not seeing this for what it is.. for everyone they take to the courts they have a solicitor an a barrister, all these need paying.. See the picture.. Money.. I know of a case where they were 4 people innocent, an only one guilty but they chosen to take them all to court.. who's paying.. Joe Public. Thats who, an the police want to be seen good when they did no real police work..

    So that's why they don't want to filter out nonces

  4. Great point Alex. Why not hang em. But the bank route is good & makes sense. And shame on these companies for ignoring it Ps u need a hang man, I’m thereNo pedos/no drugs /no drummers

  5. Big Tech's position of not doing this is more evidence of their inherent evil, or rather those who are in change of the various globally powerful brands. The actual answer to it most people could not take. 2021 is going to be about all sorts of revelations and major changes. Day by day the masses are seeing what this big thing people are scared of is really all about.

  6. Let me also add to the mix by reminding parents that they can limit access to the Internet within the home. It's easy to block sites completely, limit access to specific times of the day (and night). Parental controls are built into every broadband router so it controls WiFi as well. It'll put an end to little Jack and Jill sitting in their bedroom bombarded by inappropriate material at all hours of the day and night.

  7. Largely agree with this. Annomimity is a huge problem online.
    It should be a manditory to be able to access pornography too. No porn content should be 'free' an there should be a purchase trail.
    If your not prepared to put your name an face to something. You know you shouldn't be doing it.

  8. Alex ..over the years we as a society have lost, IMO, 2 fundamental principles.
    1. personal responsibility.
    2. an effective deterrent to law breaking.
    without these two profound principles society is ultimately doomed …

  9. Totally agree it woukd also stop the keyboard warriors being abusive if they are responsible for what they post. I notice YouTube have now implemented ID verification for watching a film trailer by bank card or drivers licence.

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