June 14, 2021


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#1 Top Reason I SOLD My Altcoins (Buying More Bitcoin)

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36 thoughts on “#1 Top Reason I SOLD My Altcoins (Buying More Bitcoin)

  1. "I love my community"….yet shills leverage trading to make money, yet fails to warn "his community" about how leverage can destroy their life and marriage. Very self serving…

  2. Starting to sound like Gary Vee "Just go out and buy milk and flip it for triple the price but you should be satisfied with yourself to have a puppy and then you should shave your fear of having fear so go and get it!" Me: Ok wtf should i do? tell me just in plain English what should i do?????

  3. I dont understand, why the commenters are sooo mad? He has 87.5% in instable compared to 12.5% stable. What is a big deal with it? Who dont have some for a rainy day, is the fool. Think about the other side, before judging, and saying about looseing credibility.
    We all so involved with cripto, that we have no cold headed think about it.
    Could it go lower? Yes. Possible? Not possible? Probable? Not probable? At least he is thinking about hedgeing 🙂
    Go Hbar 🙂

  4. ok I will sell now so that you can buy my coins with USDC in your bag. So consolidate the portfolio mean you sell low and buy back in higher? Ok good advice I will do so.

  5. Why are the comments so toxic. I agreed with bitboy's way to sell off some of the useless shitcoins and consolidate them into some of the more prominent shitcoins.

  6. yall roasting him but he's right. only 1 percent of crypto will survive. I'm not married to no altcoins. why? lol. just buy the dumps and sell the pumps. don't yall notice. it's going up and down. it's not always good to have diamond hands. when the market rally up I'll be ready cuz I yield alot of coins from the profits. it's not the right time to hodl. we are bearish rn. stay woke and dyor.

  7. On your channel, you have a video on Synthetix, SNX was your #1 Defi project of the year. You have a price prediction of $400. Why not hold out until your own prediction?

  8. You big guys just want Bitcoin to go up obviously everyone does because when Bitcoin goes up alt coins go up along with it so explain to me for the average person why put 400$ in Bitcoin at 37k or put 400$ in ethereum at 2800$ … Just an example but you'll make alot more money with smaller coins and I'll give him credit he mentioned eth , link , cardano , xrp , polygon , atom , uniswap , sushi swap… So if your new those are what you want

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