50 thoughts on “10 Health Benefits of Grapefruits”
  1. Love Ruby Red Grapefruits and try to eat them everyday. They have such a clean, refreshing taste to them, a real juicy zing to your mouth along with all their other health benefits! Thanks for all the info, some of which I didn't know. Passing this along…"knowledge is power" like they say!

  2. Grapefruit juice can be dangerous if you’re on a high cholesterol maintenance regimen. Grapefruit juice + Cholesterol meds (example: Lipitor) = higher risk for toxicity.

    More than 50 drugs have been identified that may cause harm if you drink grapefruit juice because Grapefruit juice can delay, decrease or enhance aborption of some drugs. It can interfere with the enzymes that break down some drugs in your digestive system so more of the drugs stay in your body. This can lead to potentially dangerous drug levels, causing serious side effects.
    Grapefruit juice with statin drugs may cause heart muscle damage and organ transplant patient may experience infections, kidney damage, heart rhythm problems, and internal bleeding. The effects of grapefruit can last up to 24 hours.

    To be on the safe side it’s better to avoid grapefruit and grapefruit juice if you’re taking any medications and always ask your doctor about what foods are safe to take with your prescription because some foods may interact with some drugs.

    I’m only sharing what I’ve learned 🙂

  3. We have a grapefruit tree at home and there are hundreds of grapefruit on it. Also I wouldn’t of existed if it weren’t for grapefruits. But I can’t be bothered explaining it right now because it’s complicated

  4. Was eating grapefruit without noting any noticable effects. But now i know. Im so safe from kidney stones, cancer, diabetes, and other horrible diseases. I love grapefruit despite its very sharp taste, my body and my taste buds just love this amazing disease fighter from GOD. Thankyou God, thankyou, thankyou, im so grateful for all of these provisions 😊

  5. I am one really big fan of grapefruit. I started to eat it for my problem with gallstones and it came as a real surprise to me that after a week , my bit of belly fat was gone and I had to buy new trousers afterwards. For that alone, I recommend having grapefruit in your diet. I eat the whole fruit, sans the rind. I would buy tons of them when they're on sale, peel then put the slices into containers to freeze. Use ziplocks to properly measure the quantity you can eat in one sitting. I've been slim ever since and I never passed a kidney stone again 🙂 Turning 65 this August (photo is 3 years old)!

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