photo shows a man and woman riding bikes next to each other on a grassy path. They

Just 11 minutes of moderate physical activity a day could lower the risk of early death by 23%, a review of data from more than 30 million adults suggests. If everyone could meet this daily target, 1 in 10 early deaths worldwide could be prevented, the study authors propose.

The study, published Tuesday (Feb. 28) in the British Journal of Sports Medicine (opens in new tab), is the largest of its kind. Using 196 previously published research articles, Søren Brage (opens in new tab), an investigator at the University of Cambridge’s Medical Research Council (MRC) Epidemiology Unit, and his colleagues uncovered the relationship between physical activity and risk of death, as well as the risk of specific conditions like heart disease, stroke, leukemia and colon cancer. The studies included in the paper followed participants over an average of 10 years, monitoring their exercise habits and rates of disease and death.

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