March 3, 2021


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£143M Inquiry Refused To Investigate National Embarrassment For The Sake Of Diversity

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41 thoughts on “£143M Inquiry Refused To Investigate National Embarrassment For The Sake Of Diversity

  1. I live in Oldham and if things don't change in regards to child sex grooming gangs by the end of 2021 I will be the person to start the civil war. Sick to death of our children being abused and our government are lying to us to protect other races. Doesn't that just say in itself that they want the british public to think that diversity is our strength because we don't hear anything about other races doing wrongdoing in our news!

  2. BLM – HATE WHITES….Fact!!!! Left woke indoctrinated kids – Hate whites….Call us privileged whites, Yet there are more Black clubs that support them and get Government money.

    They have more support than whites. Veterans are on the streets – yet Illegals and sex gangs get support and protection. White Privilege was never an issue. Its all about revenge for 'People of colour' nothing to do with equality – its all about power to them. Colour never bothered me, but now I stand up.

  3. The racist excuse does not hold water because true humanity does not lend itself to child abuse. The real reason is that powerful people who hold sway over jobs are indulging themselves in the sub-human abuse of children. In civilised times past these people were tried and if found guilty were executed.

  4. I could've saved the tax-payer a fortune. All you needed to give me was a hammer and a big bag of nails and I would've spent years nailing each and every one of them to the fucking wall.

  5. Mate sorry can't get through any of your videos with that 'computer generated' type fast voice. Always try them but give up. Pity as they seem to cover good topics. Plus in this video we are almost 2 minutes in before I even know what you're talking about.

  6. Diversity means to separate then use the different groups to fight, hate and fear each other. We are all being used and abused by the pedo establishment.

  7. What money should we put in this not being racism but racism being the excuse. How many people don't want to be named in high public positions? This isn't about race, women/girls still trump race in importance if they want. If feminist gave a shit about women could they be involved? they could get this sorted overnight.

  8. No surprises whatsoever… Votes before people! Politicians don't care about the people unless they think it is a vote winner… Personally I recognise historical fact and that means that somewhere in our past MP's made a HUGE mistake! Immigration of the wrong type of person that could never integrate should have never happened! Yet our wonderful MP's were tripping over themselves to make it happen en masse!

  9. macron has been forced to stand up for the French  , boris and the rest are too afraid for some reason . Muslim ideology has always been against freedom of speech and now we are losing ours more and more

  10. If you're part of a protected group known for getting violent when upset, you basically get a free pass because we have become a nation of cowards.

  11. I live in one of the towns to be looked at… there is no sizeable amount of S Asian/ Pakistani men who live in the Town, We have had a very small handful of horrible things happen by individuals who were white over the last 20 years none by S Asians . It seems like they have chosen these areas due to them NOT having a sizeable amount of this S Asian demographic…They will then come back and say "see nothing to see here"

  12. This is one of the most horrific crimes that can happen to a female, no matter which race they belong to they should be prosecuted. Technally the power that be are aiding and abetting these people.

  13. When the 7yr old was murdered by a migrant in Bolton they heavily edited it to block the real story of the motive. Its a disgrace and people can see it but no one does anything about it

  14. Marcus Rashford and the rest of the demented left peddle lies & half-truths. The government voted against schools providing free school meals during the holidays because rightly so, schools are not welfare providers. What the sensationalist msm failed to report was that the government had put £9 billion into the welfare system from which each recipient of universal credit will receive an additional £1000 a year which parents can use to cope with this situation.

  15. What does your skin colour and ideology have to do with the ability to commit crimes ?
    I would argue that their refusal to act was a blatant demonstration of racism.
    As it demonstrates that they treated certain people/groups differently under the eyes of the law.
    Common law does not allow favouritism through fear or favour.

    It is a fundamental tenet of British law that….'all' are equal under the eyes of the law.
    Uk law does not allow child brides nor their grooming for such and most definitely not child abuse.
    Uk law is not Sharia law, nor any other religious/cultural ideology of other lands.
    This is Britain. This is what it means to be British.
    We follow the common law of our nation/people and not those of others.
    If their are cultures in the UK that refuse that, they are not compatible with being part of British society.

  16. Now you also have the "emotional blackmail" angle because if anyone accuses THe Late Jo Cox who was disgustingly murdered then, automatically, her role in the cover-up goes unattended. Her constituency has a large Muslim populace so she knew if she got involved she would not be re-elected and, of course, now her defenders just have to express outrage that a dead person is having her name tarnished to shut down any debate over her INactivity…

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