Art and NFT is the perfect marriage for new and upcoming artists. I’m neither new nor upcoming, but, like anything in life, I like to give it a go. So, I’m trying this new experience. This new fun challenge. Under the lens of the global community.

This is my third piece of art and found it fun to make. The best part is what kind of NFT you want to make? The subject of the object is fundamental for me in order to gain the proper inspiration. ‘1984 and beyond’ focus on nowadays problems. To be honest, I’ve always been interested in creating (both through art and other types of creative work). This piece of art was mostly inspired by current events and social commentary (which is kind of ironic, because in my blog Globeinfolive, I never would have imagined becoming an arty activist myself). Well I suppose, things have changed a bit.

The current artwork was inspired by the news about the current situation that is affecting the global community, so I have made this also a personal matter. I will donate 50% of my earnings to one of the charity organizations listed on this website Greatnonprofits chosen by you (the buyer). In a time of crisis, people need more than ever to come together. My artwork is just a manifestation of such a crisis. Thank you for your support.

Please click the photo below for details.