46 thoughts on “2020 HYPER-BUBBLE – Will it Meltdown, or Meltup? Mike Maloney”
  1. Is the stock market effective?

    Market is only effective between the seller and the buyer one trade at a time. The price is "right". But that same price is rarely right for the rest of the market at that moment. Therefore, the last price does not automatically apply to any other trade. The price will always be set by two parties.

    Someone may think to own the stock for 20 years and someone for 2 minutes. Therefore, it is not useful to ask if the market is effective = the last price is correct regarding the company valuation.

    The professional traders have a margin of safety when they value a stock price. This means they buy the stock only when it is trading below its calculated fair value.

    The market has never been flooded with so many amateurs as now. Everyone can trade today and will even if they choose a more passive fund investing. The current last price tells us only how popular the stocks are overall, not about the real value of the business.

    Mind that some trades are also made by a mistake, by amateurs and with help of fund purchasing i.e. without even a knowledge about the stock trades made by the fund brokers.

  2. Maloney is A Real American Hero!
    The Hidden Truth of Money 💵 series opened my eyes and mind to money, not currency! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and time with us Michael. 👍🏼🇺🇸

  3. i dont get it, US unemplyment will be at least 16%, even mainstream economists are saying this will be WORSE than the great depression, yet the DOW is still 24,000+ i dont get it, shouldnt the DOW be 14,000 or less?

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  5. Australia is too ! You would think all found a gold rain bow from the fed ??? Hand out,s that they will reap back in on the peoples back ! Thank you good info ! I just stack ! Gold Silver physical ONLY ! 3rd generation jeweler taught the value from knee high !

  6. Hi Mike, love your channel I have learned so much since March! I was wondering if you know Lynette Zang? My girlfriend and I up here in Canada love watching both you channels! Would the two of you ever consider doing furs appearance video or joint chat together we would love to see this!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ please consider it? Much love to your team and tireless efforts!!! Keep on going thanks for the education on the history of the monetary systems! What a eye opener! We now have started our own Gold and silver hedges thanks to you! It’s never too late to start right?

  7. If American companies are selling their products globally, and if large, prominent foreign companies list on the US stock market, should not the stock market be able to rise above GDP without it being the bubble? This feels like a measure that worked very well before globalisation took off for real

  8. #MELTUP HERE’S WHY: Negative Interest rates, so, nowhere to put money except Stockmarket; WallStreet & Corporations getting trillions for free in Bailout; Fed’s balance sheet going straight up and they are buying everything; no velocity of money in a dead economy as small and medium sized businesses killed; Middle Class on a phony lockdown and 30 million jobs lost; and Treasury getting $3 trillion more from the Fed; this all will feed the Stockmarket higher, only. Dow 40,000. Rich will get exponentially richer, poor and Middle Class are getting poorer, by design. Corporatism. Fascism. Nazism. Fed Owning EveryThing via debt acquisition — buyer and seller of last resort.

  9. You don't rob people for gain and call it good without serious consequences Mike.They fail to realize that the ALMIGHTY is on his THROWN and they're stink is ascending up into his nostrils and is being angered for sure and how do I know? The Holy Bible and how shall they escape the JUDGEMENT coming if they don't repent ? They won't. You know its coming because I was pulled over on the side of the road and for no reason was visited by two police officers and was harassed for no good reason and it made me sick inside and turned my stomach and to think I served in the military for my Country. God help them they're going to need it soon. CHEERS

  10. Hi Mike, please explain whether you consider bitcoin currency or money?
    Do you think bitcoins can be over produced like paper currency?
    Dont you think anyone (govs and big corporations) can issue their own bitcoins?

  11. So according to this nobody should have purchased “overvalued “ stocks for the past 20 years. I don’t think that is a good strategy. Perhaps “fair” value here is the new low due to modern monetary policy.

  12. Yeah; a 29,500 Dow HIGH, drops 11,000 points to an 18,500 point LOW, moves back up to 23,700 (including a record one day move up in years) is suppose to make us feel good STILL being down 6,000 points from the RECORD high.

  13. I am not sure how accurate the Buffet indicator is because it does not take into account the money supply, when this expands the indicator will always go up. From 2009 the Fed double the money supply from 7.5T to 15T and the ECB increase it from 8T to 13T. The same goes on to all centre banks. The indicator would only be accurate with reasonably fix money supplies, otherwise it will always increase with the money supply because the money ends up in the stock market

  14. Dear Mike, I am subscriber and your follower from 2017. Regardless the analysis you made which I believe is quite strong by itself; I am just curious about something in particular regarding the expected rise of silver price in today's world situation. Due the 60% approx use of silver is industrial, why do you believe that silver will rocket in appreciation if consumption (hardware & electronics) is falling ?

  15. Hi Mike Maloney, this is my first comment on your videos, I am from Singapore. I would like to request if could you do a video on positive and negative swap lines and the impact on gold ?

  16. Mr. Maloney, I looked on goldsilver.com, and didn't find an answer to this question. Eventually in high currency devaluation, prices need to be pegged against something. Often other currencies peg against the USD in one way or another, but that's not possible in today's climate of every major currency furiously printing with their keyboards. Another easy answer is to peg against gold. But right now, paper gold is at a manipulated low price, and doesn't represent one person holding that one unit of gold. Physical prices are unknown in this time of unobtainium because the paper price is so distorted. I'd like to negotiate my employment contract to peg salary against something, but I don't know what that would be. Eventually everybody will need to do something like this, right?

    Thank you sir, you've taught me a lot.

  17. Mike if you or your staff ever had a chance I think also offering your videos in Spanish so they reach a much wider audience, Central and South America, Mexico etc it would be fantastic. Just a thought and thank you for doing these amazing videos.

  18. Mike, I enjoy most all of your content however, you…like most gold bugs have been calling for hyperinflation for 10, 15, 20 years. I've been squarely in the deflation camp, and still am today. I've managed money professionally for over 20 years and when I was saying buy long dated treasuries 10 years ago, even 2 years ago, people thought I was crazy. I suggest you spend more time reading Lacy Hunt. The global debt is far too large with virtually zero velocity on new dollars printed. Lastly, economics 101 will tell you to have core inflation, you need wage inflation. Do you think we are any near someone being able to ask for raise? That's rhetorical. Just some thoughts to consider.

  19. Since we know it's either going to melt-up or meltdown, i 'm thinking about playing an option Strangle a year out from now. on SPY and QQQ. .. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

  20. I wonder if it is possible for markets to melt up without a loss in confidence in the underlying fiat currency? Surely the two need to go hand in hand otherwise the markets just become more overvalued (aka the Buffet Indicator) and would then start to wobble towards a crash to realign back to fair value? I am really enjoying your videos and links – really thought provoking so thank you!

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