Remember Jeff Zients? Jeff is the former White House Covid Response Coordinator who famously hoped for a “winter of illness and death for the unvaccinated.” Here’s a video of him making that prediction:

Jeff resigned when the winter of illness and death did not materialize. The latest news is that Jeff is being brought back as the White House Chief of Staff.

I do not care about Jeff, besides remembering how he wished us to die a year ago. Bringing him back to the White House is a nice touch for the Biden administration.

Luckily, Jeff Zients was wrong about the previous winter of 2021-2022. The deaths were somewhat elevated but not catastrophic.

This winter, however, is starting very disturbingly.

  • Aggregated across Europe (see above), deaths for week 52, the last week when complete data is available, are at 35% above normal.

  • Excess mortality in Germany in December is 36% above the 2018-2019 average.

The strange part is that Covid deaths explain only a small part of excess mortality.

For example, Germany saw 18,153 excess deaths in December. (DeStatis understates the excess number by including high-mortality 2020 and 2021 into the “previous years average”) Per Worldometer, Germany experienced 3,356 Covid deaths during the same months.

What explains the remaining 14,797 deaths? What killed almost 15 thousand Germans in December? Since there was nothing significant in the previous two years other than Covid and Covid vaccines, we can only blame these two causes, jointly or separately.

  • We may be undercounting Covid deaths.

  • We may see deaths from Covid vaccines that are NOT related to Covid infections.

  • We may be observing vaccine-enabled reinfections with Covid that make people die at excess rates. The sudden and unexplained deaths occur due to longer Covid illnesses enabled by immune tolerance and the resulting organ damage. Such deaths are NOT recorded as Covid deaths.

My own opinion is that the last explanation is the correct one. For how such deaths happen, using the example of vaccinated and boosted 17-year-old Gwen Casten, who died suddenly following a “mild” Covid infection that went on for a month, read this article:

Booster-Caused IgG4 Immune Tolerance Explains Excess Mortality and “Chronic Covid”

Rintrah Radagast posted a very important article yesterday. It shows us a potential explanation of why excess mortality is related to COVID boosters, why the association of Covid vaccines with mortality strengthens as time goes on instead of declining, and why…

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Whatever is happening is a national emergency in all European countries. The lack of attention from health authorities is stunning. The refrain from rare newspaper articles like this one is, “we have no idea why people are dying, and we do not care, but we are sure it is not the vaccines.” Enjoy this stupid passage:

The article tries to convince the readers that we should only look at the immediate, officially recognized deaths that happen within a few days of vaccination (and were intentionally undercounted).

However, excess mortality of 23% was seen even in the Pfizer trial, where 21 people died in the vaccine arm, and only 17 died in the placebo arm within six months of their vaccinations.

Without individual-level data, which the authorities are refusing to provide or look at, we cannot figure out what is happening. We can only make guesses.

Meanwhile, people are dying.

Nobody seems to care about this besides a few people on Substack and Twitter. The problem is that deaths are increasing instead of decreasing, and excess mortality threatens me, you, and our loved ones.

Too many people see it as a political contest to blame or exonerate their favorite party.

I am appealing to everyone to see it as a threat to ourselves and our families instead of treating it as a blame game. We must address excess mortality out of pure self-preservation.

Do you think our authorities will seriously investigate deaths, or will they try to sweep them under the rug?

Do you think Jeff Zients will help the White House investigate the situation honestly?

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