Hi, I’m having trouble with a Hotspot 360 slide. On my slide, I have four hotspots, each set to trigger audio. Slide is in Exploratory mode. All four have “continue movie after end of audio” unchecked (see screenshot here). When in output, clicking any hotspot (whether or not you even viewed any hotspot yet), prompts the popup for the “Must view once” script, “You did not view some of the hotspots, view them and then proceed” and this keeps popping up wherever you click, before the viewer has ever viewed anything at all, much less once. It doesn’t seem to matter which hotspot I attempt to click, it happens anyway (no audio played, instead, I get the error popup), three times, and, frustratingly, then the person can click out of the slide without viewing anything at all! What am I doing wrong?! Is this a timeline issue, a stacking issue, should I click something that is un-clicked, or is it something else? My timeline is set as the default with all hotspots at time 0 on the timeline.

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