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This month, there were four shootings in just one week, in which someone opened fire after a chance encounter. All four sound awful, but only one made the big time. Joe Biden called the victim, Kamala Harris prayed for him, and he netted millions in GoFundMe money.

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There was nation-wide anguish and soul searching. You know why: The shooter was white, and the victim was black.

Two of the other cases were also interracial, and in one, the black shooter even said “I don’t like white people” before he started shooting – at children – but Joe and Kamala and the media are not interested in that.

The headlines made one case all about race right from the start: “Police charge white man for shooting Black teen boy who had wrong address.”

“White homeowner accused of shooting a Black teen who rang his doorbell turns himself in.”

“A White man was ‘scared to death’ of Ralph Yarl. For Black boys, this isn’t new.”

Eighty-four year old Andrew Lester had just gone to bed. He heard the doorbell ring, went to the door, and says he saw a black man pulling at the locked storm door. He told police he thought it was an attempted break-in and that he was “scared to death.” He fired twice through the storm door and then called 911. The police report says he “was visibly upset and repeatedly expressed concern for the victim.”

The New York Times published something astonishing.

“Some neighbors said this week that they doubted that the shooting was racially motivated. One man who lived near Mr. Lester but declined to give his name said he had some sympathy for the 84-year-old, especially since he had been living alone after his wife was moved to a nursing home. The man speculated that Mr. Lester was frightened and disoriented when he went to his door with his gun.”

The rest of the media, however, are shouting with joy over an estranged grandson who went to black TV personality Don Lemon to denounce Grandad. “Andrew Lester’s Grandson Says He Was Into ‘Weird Racist Things’.”

What “weird, racist things”? He supported Donald Trump and watched “Fox News, conservative American stuff,” which the grandson called “this 24-hour news cycle of fear and paranoia.” Grandson also said, “This happens in this country over and over again, where people get away with killing unarmed, innocent Black people,” which proves he is an ignoramus.

Reviling Grandpa was, he said, “the right thing to do.”

Mr. Lester faces life in prison. It was a disgusting thing to do, and another grandson and a nephew, who know Mr. Lester better, say he was probably just scared, and race had nothing to do with it.

Blacks who have never met Mr. Lester know better. “Kansas City mayor says teenager Ralph Yarl was shot for ‘existing while Black.’ ”

Here’s the mayor in a promo video that has hardly a white person in it, even though whites are 72 percent of Kansas City’s population.

The Washington Post, which has run at least 18 articles about the case, tells us, “In wake of Ralph Yarl shooting, Black teens face fear and resignation.”

“For this Black mom, Ralph Yarl could have been her son.”

“Black families discuss challenges after Yarl shooting.”

“In Kansas City, Wrong Door Shooting Reopens Questions About Racism.”

Really? As you can easily determine from these numbers, blacks in Kansas City are about 20 times more likely than whites to be murder victims, and 25 times more likely to be murder suspects.

I would bet that just about every one of the 119 blacks who were murdered in the city last year were killed by other blacks.

But as NPR explains, “After Ralph Yarl’s shooting, Black Kansas Citians worry they’re ‘always going to be just Black’.”

The Kansas City Star reports that “Activists demand Ralph Yarl’s shooting be investigated as a hate crime.”

Gwen Grant runs the local Urban League chapter. “Racial hatred, and implicit bias permeates our culture. And it impacts every aspect of Black lives. We are challenged just walking while Black, eating while Black, swimming while Black, living while Black. Driving while Black is a problem. And now we can’t even walk up to someone’s door and ring a doorbell without fear of being hurt.” There have been rallies against racism all over the city.

There have been rallies against racism all over the city.

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Our president, always game for a good fight against racism, phoned young Ralph, and the two spoke at length.

He invited Ralph to visit him in the Oval Office once he is well.

Vice President Kamala Harris offered her support.

“Doug and I are praying for Ralph Yarl and his family as he fights for his life,” she says. Down on their knees every evening, I imagine.

The publicity and preaching have been good for the Yarl family, which has picked up nearly $3.5 million.

Another chance encounter that ended in gunfire is of no national interest because everyone was white. Twenty-year-old Kaylin Gillis was a passenger in a car that turned down a long dirt driveway in upstate New York.

It was the wrong house, and the driver started turning around. Homeowner Kevin Monahan came out and fired two shots, killing Gillis.

Mr. Monahan was tired of trespassers coming down his driveway, and says there were two cars and a motorcycle, and they were gunning their engines.

Gillis is the only victim in these cases who actually died, but since the shooter can’t be called a racist, Joe Biden hasn’t called, Kamala Harris has said no prayers, and Gillis’s GoFundMe page has collected only about $150,000.

The third shooting had real potential for a White House solicitude, vice presidential devotions, and much huffing and puffing about racism, except for – well, we’ll see why.

Four cheerleaders who had been carpooling pulled into a parking lot in Elgin, just outside of Austin, Texas. A white cheerleader went to what she thought was her car, but when she opened the door, there was a man in the passenger seat.

She realized it was the wrong car, hopped out and went back to the car-pool car. The man followed her, and when she rolled down the window to apologize, he started shooting. He grazed the white girl, but badly wounded Payton Washington, who had to be helicoptered out for emergency surgery.

She introduces herself in this video: [0:59 – 1:11]

Here she is with her team. [2:03 – 2:12] She has won every possible award for cheerleading except for a gold medal in the Cheerleading World Championships. She watched by video from her hospital bed as her team put together a routine without her just before they set off for Orlando for the championships.

What’s for Joe and Kamala not to like? An attractive, talented black girl blasted into the hospital in a vicious attack just before the biggest event of her life. Just one problem. The shooter is Pedro Rodriquez, a primitive-looking 25-year-old Hispanic.

And it’s just about impossible to find out anything about him, other than that the Elgin police know him “from previous encounters.” Is he an illegal? Does he hate white people? Does he have something against cheerleaders? Nobody cares because he’s not white.

Since Payton Washington had the misfortune not to be shot by Andrew Lester, there will be no Oval Office visit, and GoFundMe has brought in only about $140,000.

The real scandal is the case of six-year-old Kinsley White. Here she is, lower left, with her family.

They live in Gastonia, not far from Charlotte, North Carolina. Her father, Jamie White, was bringing her home from a friend’s house when they walked by the house of Robert Singletary, a 24-year-old black man who had moved in two weeks earlier. He was yelling that children had let a ball roll into his yard. He ran into the house, got a pistol, and started shooting at about a dozen children.

Mr. White told Mr. Singletary to stop. The black man replied, “You white? I don’t even like white people. I’m going to shoot your ass.”

Mr. White protected his daughter with his body and took a bullet in the back. It went through his lung and liver, and a fragment landed in Kinsley’s cheek.

Kinsley’s mother was shot in the elbow. The little girl needed stiches, but Mr. White spent four nights in the hospital, and he will be off work for weeks.

Mr. Singletary was arrested two days later in Florida.

No one is calling for hate crimes charges or a federal investigation.

The Washington Post interviewed several Gastonia residents for a long article.

It didn’t include Mr. Singletary’s remarks about white people. It didn’t even mention his race. But in the same article, it casually mentioned that “Ralph Yarl, a black 16-year-old, was shot and injured [by] an 84-year-old white man.”

And so, the racial angle has been neatly swept under the rug. No Joe Biden phone call for little Kinsley. No white house prayer sessions for Dad. And a GoFundMe haul of not even $100,000.

What’s the lesson? When a black life is hospitalized, and there is an old white man involved, his mind is dissected and peered at and pronounced racist, and that black life matters an awful lot and is worth millions. A different black life matters a lot less and is worth only pennies on the dollar if the shooter is Hispanic, and no one cares about his motives. And when a black man shatters white lives for what are clearly racial reasons, WaPo blandly ignores his motive and suppresses even the fact he’s black.

That’s the American way, folks. Equity or bust.

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