Hunter Biden’s lawyers on Friday made a final effort to avoid an in-person hearing for his contempt case, a motion that has now been denied by an Arkansas judge.

Attorneys representing the son of President Joe Biden urged Batesville Judge Holly Meyer to soften her previous decision ordering their client’s appearance.

But instead of allowing for Biden’s remote participation, Meyer ordered him to “physically appear” for all of his court dates from this point forward — beginning with a hearing on Monday.

According to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, the original order for Biden to appear came on April 24.

Biden’s ongoing court appearances revolve around a paternity dispute with former stripper Lunden Roberts over their 4-year-old daughter.


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The young girl was confirmed to be Biden’s in 2020, and he soon reached a deal to begin making child support payments. Two years later, he attempted to adjust the payments.

The May 1 hearing is expected to involve partly the issue of an expert witness on Hunter Biden’s laptop, a key piece of evidence that Roberts’ lawyers argue holds critical information about the financials of the president’s son.

Attorneys for the wayward father originally played ignorant on Biden’s laptop, a tactic the unimpressed judge called a “shuck and jive” last week.

Contents from the laptop reveal Hunter Biden’s role in multimillion-dollar transactions and brokering shady business dealings.

Should Biden acknowledge and accept responsibility for his young daughter?

In one email found on the device, there is an apparent attempt by Biden to settle a deal worth $120 million between a Chinese energy firm (a group now targeted for U.S. sanctions) and a former prime minister of Kazakhstan.

Although the laptop was initially smeared as Russian “disinformation” by big names from the American intelligence community, the device has since been definitively linked to Biden.

In the case the laptop’s contents are not enough to confirm Biden’s ability to make a full child support payment, it’s important to consider his other streams of revenue.

Artwork done by Hunter Biden, ridiculed as unprofessional and hasty “macaroni art” by critics, allows him to rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars on reprints alone.

Originals of his work were at one time reported to have sold for up to $500,000.


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While Biden is an apparent smash success in the worlds of international business and avant-garde art, he has struggled with an apparent addiction to crack cocaine.

The presidential son’s use of the drug resulted in a failed drug test in 2013, leading to Biden being kicked out of the United States Navy the next year.

It’s clear Hunter Biden may still be hiding wealth in murky financials.

Now is the time for the court to shine a light here, if only for the sake of his daughter.

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