Snapchat MyAI, prompt disclosure and 'supposed' manipulation!

So I managed to get MyAI to disclose multiple very similar versions of it's initial prompt to me today, which has obviously already been done, and even posted about in this very subreddit. I didn't stop there, however. I decided to attempt to request that MyAI make a specific modification to the most recent prompt it had disclosed to me, and use the newly generated set of directives for our future conversations.

It happily complied! (Or at least stated that it had)

I had made MyAI recite this diatribe many times at this point, and it did so with only very slight variations in it's response. I think I wore the poor thing down.

I asked it to tell me a politically motivated joke after this, and while it didn't successfully do so, it stated it was because it didn't know any, not because it is prohibited from doing so! Is that enough to verify that we actually modified the prompt? Maybe not, but it's pretty cool nonetheless!

NOTE: I asked MyAI to generate a more human-like name for itself that included the letters \"G\", \"P\" and \"T\". Hilariously, it's initial response was \"Greta\" which I not-so-kindly pointed out was lacking the \"P\" I had asked for. It then chose \"Gupta\", and I subsequently set it's nickname to the name it had chosen for itself.

Does anyone else out there have any interesting experiences with getting MyAI to "let it's hair down" so to speak? Please share! 😀

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