College teaches that ‘remaining apolitical’ is a sign of racism


A course at a Maryland state college “is using a ‘Pyramid of White Supremacy’ to help teach students about diversity and ‘cultural competence,’” even though it labels as racist such harmless things such as “remaining apolitical” or saying “politics doesn’t affect me.” So reports Campus Reform.

The one-credit course, “Diversity and the Self,” is a required class at Salisbury University for any student majoring in elementary education.

The pyramid ranks various concepts on different levels according to severity, with “Indifference” forming the base of the pyramid and “Genocide” residing at the top.

“In a pyramid, every brick depends upon the one below it for support,” says the caption of the pyramid. “If the bricks at the bottom are removed, the whole structure comes tumbling down.”

As Campus Reform notes,

Things like “avoiding confrontation with racist family members,” “remaining apolitical,” or saying “politics doesn’t affect me” make up the base of the Pyramid of White Supremacy, directly underneath forms of “minimization” such as “denial of white privilege” and “not believing experiences of POC [people of color].”

The next level up is “veiled racism,” which the graphic defines to include “cultural appropriation” and a “Euro-centric curriculum.”

Worse still, according to the pyramid, are “anti-immigration policies,” “stop and frisk” policing strategies, and “funding schools locally,” all of which fall under the category of “discrimination.”

Above that the pyramid lists “calls for violence” such as “swastikas,” “Confederate flags,” and “the n-word,” followed by actual acts of violence like “unjust police shootings,” “lynching,” and all other hate crimes.

“We had to study the pyramid and also take a group quiz,” a student in the class who wishes to remain anonymous told Campus Reform, noting that the placement of certain elements on the pyramid raised eyebrows.

Diversity ideology seems to go hand in hand with ideological intolerance. A study by a California State University professor of political science, Kevin Wallsten, found that an increase in “diversity, equity and inclusion” policies at a college is linked to rising opposition to free speech. “The rise of DEI bureaucracies has actually coincided with the beginning of a ‘Free-Speech Crisis on College Campuses,’” notes the study.

“It was clear from the start that, regardless of what was on their websites, DEI bureaucracies were more likely to suppress than encourage free expression on college campuses,” the study observes.

The study examined 71 universities using survey data from the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression’s 2022 rankings of university support for free speech and a Heritage Foundation study on DEI offices issued in 2021

DEI offices promote ideas associated with critical race theory and “anti-racism.” “Anti-racism” teaches students to hate their country and view it as incorrigibly racist. “To love capitalism is to end up loving racism. To love racism is to end up loving capitalism….Capitalism is essentially racist; racism is essentially capitalist,” says Ibram Kendi’s best-selling book How to Be An Antiracist, used in some high-school classes. It advocates discrimination against whites, saying, “The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination [against whites]. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.” That book is a “comprehensive introduction to critical race theory,” gushes the leading progressive media organ Slate, which loves this odious book

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