As I have said many times — and will continue to say — we don’t like to let facts get in the way of a good emotional time here in America. That has proven especially true when it’s for the purpose of furthering whatever cause the media want to promote, narrative they want to weave, or story they want to spin. I have seen story after story be publicized that did not tell the whole truth and led Americans to believe downright lies. Yet I am still floored by just how easily the media are able to brainwash America. 

We want to believe the media are committed to telling us the truth; yet what they do time and time again is intentionally remove the truth from a story and sell us a lie. That is the reason why I produced my documentary, “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold.” People should know. People need to know. I am shocked at how rampant brainwashing occurs, especially when it seeps into adult minds. When people hear a story the media promotes, they go out in the streets, they protest, they riot — all because the media told them a story, absent the real facts. But why? What is going on? 


I am going to continue to explore what is actually happening in those circumstances. My next initiative in exposing media lies is my first docuseries, “Convicting a Murderer.” Everyone remembers Netflix’s “Making a Murderer” about Steven Avery, a man from Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, who is serving life in prison after being convicted of murdering Teresa Halbach in 2005. The true crime show attempted to convince audiences all around the world that he was wrongfully convicted. After all, America hates police officers, so it’s better for us to believe a plot line that police officers are just up to no good. So, I wanted to do my own research, which started with one question: Was Steven Avery wrongly convicted?

“Making a Murderer” presented their version of the evidence, but after all that I found, I knew it was time for someone to present all the facts. My “Convicting a Murderer” docuseries reveals the truth behind a story everyone thought they knew everything about. The series includes ten episodes that show never-before-seen evidence, unedited testimonies, and phone calls. Ultimately, questions must be answered. Was this a circumstance of an innocent man who was framed by police officers — or was this a circumstance of a story that was manipulated for audience entertainment? It cannot be both. It is either one or the other. 

You will be shocked when you recognize the power of the media to make us believe anything. The 10-part series of “Convicting a Murderer” is available only on DailyWire+, premiering this Friday, September 8.


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