Doe-eyed anime-inspired PFP collection, Milady Maker, has fallen foul of a rogue developer that once operated in its midst. A scruples starved individual hired for its ‘Bonkler’ project has reportedly embezzled $1 million, and hijacked its social media accounts.

Over the course of September 11, events unfolded that shook the Milady Maker collection to the core. In a nutshell, a rogue developer that worked on its experimental ‘Bonkler’ project managed to siphon $1 million worth of revenue from its coffers. However, the company behind the Milady Maker collection, Remilla Corporation, has assured its community that its reserves, main contract and NFTs all remain unaffected.

In addition to the unsanctioned redistribution of funds, Remilla has revealed that those involved have also gained control of its social media accounts. As a result, users should maintain a cautious approach when engaging with the Miladymaker, Remilionaire, and Remiliacorp Twitter profiles.

Following the incident, Milady Maker co-founder, Charlotte Fang, has revealed that it has easily identified those involved, and will initiate legal proceedings in due course.

Milady Maker Sees Mixed Fortunes Throughout 2023

Milady Maker arrived on the NFT scene way back in the heady days of March 2021, and has continued to evolve over the subsequent years. Back in May, however, things really started to take off due to its participation in the Blur lending launch, and its inclusion in a Tweet by reluctant pugilist, Elon musk.

During this period, the Milady Maker floor price hit the dizzy heights of 7.3 ETH, before settling at around 3.5 ETH for the lowest priced NFT. Following its latest setback, however, the price has now plummeted by approximately 30%, and now sits at 2.3 ETH ($3,600) according to stats provided by Coingecko.

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