Blacks commit murder at 30 times the white rate.

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New York City has just released its report on crime and crime suspects for 2022. Despite its drab cover, this report is dynamite. Most cities don’t publish race data.

Commissioner Keechant Sewell, like her predecessors, gave you the works.

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Keechant just resigned after only a year and a half on the job.

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Maybe she actually read the report that has her name on it. It paints a grim picture of the terrible damage blacks and Hispanics do to her city. The media, of course, will scrupulously ignore this report.

The NYPD puts the data in graphs and here’s the one for murder.

Last year, there were 414 homicides in the city, and this shows racial distributions left to right, beginning with American Indians, then Asians, blacks, whites, and Hispanics. Along the depth axis to the right, are victims, suspects, and arrestees. The vertical axis is the percentages, by race, for these categories. Those tall columns in the middle are blacks. Of the 414 murders, blacks were 63 percent of the victims, 64 percent of the suspects, and 58 percent of the arrestees.

As you can see on the right, Hispanics were mixed up with a lot of killings, too: They were 26 percent of the victims, 31 percent of the suspects, and 36 percent of the arrestees. Whites and Asians didn’t amount to much, and there are so few American Indians in the city, you wonder why the NYPD bothers with them.

There were 20,295 robberies reported in 2022. As you can see, blacks, in the middle, were suspects and got arrested for robbery, a lot more often than they were victims.

This means many of them robbed people of other races. Asians, to their left, were much more likely to be victims than to be suspects or perps. It’s fair to assume blacks robbed a lot of them. Whites were also more likely to be victims than perps. It’s the same for Hispanics over on the right, but as you can see, they were a pretty good share of suspects and arrestees, too. There are graphs like these for every major crime, and they are well worth studying. But to know what they really mean – the different rates at which people of different races commit crime – you have to know the city’s racial mix.

The NYPD kindly tells us.

Whites are about 31 percent of the population, blacks a little over 20 percent, Asians 14 percent, and Hispanics 29 percent. It’s as if the NYPD were inviting you to calculate what are called odds ratios, and see how BIPOC crime rates compare to white rates. The numbers are staggering.

Here are the racial odds ratios for suspects. Murder is on the left. Since we’re comparing everyone else to whites, I set their crime rate to one. Blacks are a hair-raising 33.7 times more likely than whites to be murder suspects. Hispanics are also very high at 11.2 times, and Asians are 2.2 times more likely to be suspects.

Click here for a full-size version.

Robbery is next. Last year, 20,295 New Yorkers told the police they were mugged. As you can see, robbery is another black specialty. Rape, though, like grand larceny two spots over, is a crime in which whites were relatively well represented. Blacks were only about six times and Hispanics about four times more likely than whites to be suspects in last year’s 1,224 rapes.

Felonious assault, of which there were 26,301 reported cases, means attacking and injuring someone with a weapon or causing serious injury, armed or not. Grand larceny, which is stealing something worth $1,000 or more, was the most common of these crimes, with 50,577 reported cases. Hispanics were only twice as likely as whites to be suspects, and Asians are slightly *less* likely than whites to be suspects.

Finally, we have shootings. This is when someone fires a gun and hits someone. That happened 1,566 times last year, and includes all gun homicides, so there were at least 1,100 shootings in which someone was wounded but not killed. As you can see, this is very much a black specialty, with Hispanics well behind but still 25.5 times more likely than whites to be suspects. Interestingly, Asians are nearly three times more likely than whites to be suspects.

These odds ratios for suspects are the most accurate indication of who is committing crime in New York City. If you are robbed or raped or assaulted, the police take your description of the perp, whether they catch him or not. A lot of criminals aren’t caught, so the victim description is often all we know about race of perp.

This is the city’s most recent quarterly report on clearance rates.

As you can see at the top, New York is reasonably good at catching murderers, but it doesn’t clear even half of robberies or rapes. That means the only information we may have on the race of robbers and rapists who got away is from victim descriptions.

Let’s calculate odds ratios for arrests anyway. If you could compare the two graphs side by side, you would see that generally, odds ratios compared to whites drop.

Click here for a full-size version.

For example, for murder, blacks are 34 times more likely than whites to be suspects, but only 25.3 times more likely to be arrested. For robbery, the numbers drop from 23 to 18.4. This is probably because blacks are famous for not cooperating with the police, so there are fewer tipoffs and fewer witnesses. That makes it hard to get enough evidence for an arrest.

Whichever figures you take, BIPOCs are committing a huge amount of the crime in New York City. Even Asians, who normally have low crime rates, are worse lawbreakers than whites.

Let’s do one last set of calculations. What if New York were an all-white city, and the additional whites committed crime at exactly the same rate as the whites who live there now. (Actually, if the city were all white, white crime rates would probably drop. People are influenced by bad behavior around them, especially if they have been crime victims themselves.)

Here are the crime reduction percentages we would expect in an all-white New York City. I used the odds ratios for suspects, because they are the best indicator of actual crime rates.

Click here for a full-size version.

Murder would drop by an incredible 90.6 percent, and robbery by 85.8 percent. Rape, felonious assault, and grand larceny would also fall, though not as much. Shootings would practically disappear.

Now, I, for one, think these are interesting numbers, but what are your chances of finding them anywhere else? The media won’t even write about the raw data the NYPD publishes every year – and for how much longer? If the police stopped reporting race data, do you think the New York Times would complain?

Differences in the behavior between groups of humans are almost never as great as these enormous race differences in crime rates in New York City. If blacks or Hispanics were drowning or catching pneumonia at four or 12 or 20 times the white rate, you’d never hear the end of it. But I’m the only guy in the world telling you about these numbers.

And we know why. This NYPD report says that BIPOCs are wrecking the city. An all-white New York wouldn’t have a crime problem worth talking about. NO IMAGE Or any other problem, for that matter. You wouldn’t need a fraction of the police – or social workers or bum shelters or street sweepers or drug counsellors or graffiti cleaners. What a wonderful place it would be! But don’t you dare say so.

And which way is the city going? “Over 100,000 migrants have arrived in NYC,” says NBC News, with sympathetic profiles of two Venezuelans.

Will these two lads — along with the 99,998 others — improve the place? Even the city’s bonehead mayor, Eric Adams says, “Migrant crisis ‘will destroy’ New York City.”

But here they are, practically an African village, resting in the shade, dreaming of Broadway.

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That wall is supposed to keep them out, but they’ll walk right through it with Joe Biden’s blessing. Here are more, ready for the open arms of what used to be called the border patrol.

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How many will end up on the streets of Manhattan, waiting for the free hotel rooms Eric Adams has promised them?

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Is the bonehead screaming at the President to close the border? Is he screaming at ICE to deport these illegals? Nope. He just announced 15 percent budget cuts – including the police – so he can scrape up $12 billion to pay for these freeloaders.

Have there ever been such foolish rulers? Has there ever been a more patient, long-suffering people than the Europeans who built a nation they thought they were going to give to their children?

H.L. Mencken said, “Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.”

I can’t imagine what he would say today.

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