A 74-year-old man was pushed onto the subway tracks early Tuesday morning in what appears to have been a random, unprovoked attack.

It happened around 12:15 a.m. at the 68th Street-Hunter College station on the Upper East Side.

Police said the victim was on the southbound 6 train platform when he noticed a man pacing back and forth, cursing and talking to himself. The victim said he didn’t engage, walked past the suspect, and moments later was pushed onto the tracks.

Subway suspect

Subway suspect

An MTA employee helped the victim back onto the platform. He was then taken to the hospital in stable condition with cuts and bruises from the fall. Police said he was conscious and complaining of back pain, but did not elaborate on the extent of his injuries.

CBS New York spoke with subway riders who had their heads on a swivel after learning of another subway attack.

“It makes me not want to get on the train, which is less convenient, especially for the students at Hunter, too,” subway rider Kaylani Miller said.

“I never stand by the edge of the platform,” one person said.


“What I say is act crazier. That’s the only way to prevent yourself from getting hurt over here,” rider Jaylin Brunson said.

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