UVA race hoaxer gets endorsement deal with Dove as ‘fat liberation’ activist

“A race hoaxer who falsely accused a fellow University of Virginia student of making insensitive comments has inked a new endorsement deal with the personal care products company Dove,” reports The College Fix. Zyahna Bryant “is now a “fat liberation” ambassador for Dove.” By contrast, the student she accused,

Morgan Bettinger, a former student at the University of Virginia, is suing the university, alleging that it violated her First Amendment rights and discriminated against her on the basis of race.

It’s the latest part of her battle against the university that began when Bryant alleged in 2020 that Bettinger said protestors would make “good f*cking speed bumps” in a comment to a truck driver while the white student was trying to get through a Black Lives Matter protest.

Bryant made the claim in a post on social media that gained traction. Students soon called for Bettinger to be expelled. Several media outlets published Bryant’s allegations despite no evidence and no corroborating witnesses, and to this day have not taken the articles down nor issued a correction.

Bettinger’s lawsuit alleges that the University of Virginia has developed “an obsession with race, racism, and racialist policies and ideologies” which has fostered “a widespread and pervasive culture and environment of rampant race-based prejudice and bias as well as disparate treatment, discrimination, and harassment on the basis of race.”

Among the alleged proof of the university’s discriminatory conduct is UVA President Jim Ryan’s criticism against the Supreme Court’s ruling that affirmative action for college admissions is unconstitutional and the university’s practice of allowing segregated reunions and events.

The lawsuit then provided numerous alleged examples of the university’s leniency toward black students for offensive and racist acts compared to how Bettinger and other white individuals were treated.

Bettinger accused the University of Virginia of violating the Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, and the First Amendment among other statutes.

The University of Virginia has a large “diversity, equity, and inclusion” bureaucracy. The DEI bureaucracy at the University of Virginia includes 94 employees listed on its website. That’s a ratio of 6.5 DEI bureaucrats for every 100 tenure-track faculty members — a higher ratio than at left-wing University of California at Berkeley.

Diversity, equity and inclusion” bureaucracies lead to more campus censorship, according to a recent study by a California State University professor. “The rise of DEI bureaucracies has actually coincided with the beginning of a ‘Free-Speech Crisis on College Campuses,’” it found.

The study was by Kevin Wallsten, a political-science professor at California State University at Long Beach.

“It was clear from the start that, regardless of what was on their websites, DEI bureaucracies were more likely to suppress than encourage free expression on college campuses,” the study observes.

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