“Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling responded on Thursday to claims that “anti-Jewish conspiracy theories” were being artificially introduced at pro-Palestinian demonstrations by neo-Nazis who were capitalizing on the unrest and infiltrating groups to influence them.

Vice News shared a thread on X claiming that anti-Semitic groups were using increasing anger with the Israeli government to push their anti-Jewish beliefs on others — and argued that people should not believe that there was any connection between the pro-Palestinian movement and anti-semitism.

“Neo-Nazis are showing up at pro-Palestine protests in an attempt to push anti-Jewish conspiracy theories and tropes into the mainstream,” the outlet posted, adding, “The presence of these groups, like the white nationalist and antisemitic National Justice Party, at protests shouldn’t be seen as an indication that there is some ideological kinship between them and the wider pro-Palestine movement.”

Rowling quickly pointed out the fact that when extremists attempted to infiltrate other protests and movements – particularly those that aligned with right-wing political views — the response was to immediately paint everyone involved with the protests, even peripherally, with the same extremist brush.

The author, who has long been a vocal advocate for sex-based rights and protecting women’s-only spaces from trans-identifying men, has often been on the receiving end of hateful comments painting her as “bigoted” or “anti-trans” and calling her Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERF). Using women’s rallies as an example, Rowling pointed out just how often people called her and others “fascists” if one violent agitator showed up at such a rally attempting to infiltrate or simply clout-chase by association.

“Hang on. When far-right groups eager for publicity/violence agitate near women’s rallies, that makes all the women sticking up for their rights fascists,” Rowling posted on X. “However, when Nazis join a protest YOU agree with, they’re opportunists who mustn’t be allowed to besmirch a righteous cause.”

Proposed Community Notes added to the Vice News post suggested that Rowling was not the only one with questions.

“Nazis and the free Palestine movement have connections going back to the Holocaust. Hitler and the Nazi party were very friendly with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, one of the original adherents of a free Palestine. This ideological connection can easily lead to mutual support,” one read, sharing a link to document the historical connection.


“The pro-Palestinian movement is antisemitic without the help of white supremacists,” another pointed out.



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