Big media are worried you might find out.

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You remember Audrey Hale, who claimed to be a man, and who went on a shooting rampage at the Covenant Christian School in Nashville in March.

The school is pre-kindergarten through sixth grade and enrolls about 200 students.

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[0:33-0:51]Hale shot her way into the building, roamed the halls, fired 152 rounds, and killed three nine-year-olds and three adults. Sixteen minutes after she started, police showed up and killed her. Later, police found many volumes of her diaries, a suicide note and a final video.

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A lot of people wanted to read the diaries and find out why Hale killed those children, but the police refused to make them public. Hale had been a student at the school, which teaches conservative Christianity, and I assumed that as a transsexual, she hated, and wanted to kill Christians. Now, a few pages of her diary have been leaked, and she clearly wanted to kill white children.

You’d think the country would want to know why a 28-year-old white woman methodically murdered nine-year-old white children.

Could this say something about the racial climate in America? Big media are emphatically not interested. Instead, they are outraged because of the leak, and want the diaries locked away forever. This is 100-percent typical. If a white person attacks non-whites, our media and rulers are all over the motive. It’s as important as the crime – maybe more important. If there’s the faintest trace of “racism” – and even if there isn’t – they want more “racial reckoning,” “equity,” and white repentance. When non-whites kill white people, though, even for explicitly racial reasons, the motive hardly matters. Killing white people may be regrettable, but it’s understandable – almost expected – because of our countless sins.

Back to Audrey Hale. Just this Monday, more than six months after the killings, talk-show host Steven Crowder released three pages from her diaries, which he says he got from a detective.

Credit: StevenCrowder, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Here’s the first page, and it’s worth reading all the way through.

“Kill those kids!!! Those crackers, going to private fancy schools with those fancy kwakis (sic) & sports backpacks w/their daddies mustangs and convertables. Fuck you little shits. I wish to shoot you weakass dicks with your mop yellow hair. Wanna kill all you little crackers! Bunch of little faggots w/ your white privileges. Fuck you faggots.”

Here are the other two pages, both titled Death Day, written the morning before the murders.

The left-hand page is her schedule for the day, including eating breakfast, checking her weapons, driving to the school, and ending with “time2die.”

On the right, under a hand-drawn target and pistol, she writes, “Can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’m ready . . . I hope my victims aren’t.” She adds: “My only fear is if anything goes wrong. I’ll do my best to prevent any of the sort. (God let my wrath take over my anxiety.)” Nothing here is anti-Christian. In fact, she seems to be praying.

She ends: “I hope I have a high death count. Ready to die.”

The police, of course, knew all about all this, but were very careful to keep us in the dark. That made it easy for lefties to push their pet projects. Demonstrators marched on the Tennessee state capitol and roared about gun control.

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Joe Biden roared about gun control. School students walked out of class and had sit-down strikes and roared about gun control.

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Big media rushed to warn us against a backlash against transsexuals. NBC News reported that “Fear pervades Tennessee’s trans community.”

 The Washington Post worried that “The right exploits Nashville shooting to escalate anti-trans rhetoric.”

National Public Radio warned that “Advocates fear an escalation of hate toward trans community.”

Did you notice an “escalation of hate”? Neither did I. I guess those warnings worked.

So, now that we have what appears to be anti-white hatred, what’s the spin? The New York Times told us that “Excerpts From Nashville School Shooter’s Writings Are Published Online,” but had no interest in Hale’s motive.

Here’s what’s important. “The publication of the apparent excerpts . . . enraged the parents of surviving students.”

The Times didn’t quote one word from the murder diary. The only hint you get about her motive is this single line:

“Senator J.D. Vance, Republican of Ohio, and the billionaire Elon Musk were among those who seized on a mention of white privilege in the published excerpts to argue that the shooter, who was white, — we gotta make sure you know she was white — was carrying out anti-white violence.”

What bigots, “seizing” on a mention of white privilege. What about “Fuck you, little shits. Wanna kill all you little crackers”?

CNN was worse. In its article on the “Nashville school shooter’s writings,” all it said was that there was “hate-filled language directed toward the school and children.”

This comes right after a warning about Steven Crowder’s “homophobic and racist slurs,” which are clearly more important than why Hale slaughtered the innocents.

Nashville Mayor Freddie O’Connell was so upset about the leak that he announced an investigation that “may involve local, state, and federal authorities.”

He’s worried that any talk of motives will torment the victim’s families, who have sued to keep the diaries under wraps.

Brent Leatherwood, who has three children at the school, said that only a “viper” would leak those pages.

He wants the diaries hidden forever “to prevent the re-victimizing of our children and prevent further trauma to our families.”

He wants to know, “Have we learned anything we didn’t already know?”

Well, yes, we have, Brent.

All this worry about “trauma” for the survivors, which the media share, is a little different from other cases. George Floyd’s seven-year-old daughter Gianna wasn’t at all traumatized talking about why Daddy died.

Race hustlers wasted no time getting on TV to whoop about racism, with not the slightest worry about survivor trauma — or even the slightest evidence of racism.

After a white man, Dylann Roof, killed, nine blacks in Charleston, none other than President Barack Obama spoke to thousands at the funeral, where he went on at great length about hatred, injustice, and Jim Crow.

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No worries about trauma for him. No, sir. The country shouted itself hoarse about white racism and lovingly looked at the killer’s motives from every possible angle.

And when someone like Dylann Roof kills non-whites, it is entirely proper to blame all white people and the society they built.

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That’s why the Washington Post never worries about a rise in anti-white rhetoric, the way it worried about “anti-trans rhetoric.” NBC never reports that “fear pervades the white community.” NPR never warns against an “escalation of anti-white hate.” We deserve all the hate that comes our way.

We’re all guilty. That’s why these white girls, who never mistreated a black person in their lives, are on their knees.

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These girls – also on their knees – are explaining that “white silence is violence.”

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Unless you are actively, noisily fighting white racism, you are doing violence to non-whites.

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When one white man, Derek Chauvin, killed one black man, George Floyd, that justified riots, looting, tearing down monuments to white people, and endless “racial reckonings.”

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And part of racial reckoning is scouring the internet for anyone who might have said something that could contribute to a “climate of hate,” and ban him from everything.

That is why your servant, for example, can’t use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, sell on Amazon, or have a PayPal or Instagram account.

But when a BIPOC kills white people, he’s strictly an individual, and there was certainly no “climate of hate” to drive him to violence

Major Nidal Hassan, a Palestinian-American and self-described “soldier of Allah,” went on a shooting spree at Ford Hood in 2009. He killed 13 people and wounded more than 30.

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General George Casey, the top officer in the US Army immediately warned against an anti-Muslim backlash.

“Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.”

If we lost our faith in diversity, it would be worse than mass murder.

Blacks kill whites all the time, sometimes for obvious racial reasons, sometimes not so obvious. And I mean all the time. Our archive page at on “black on white crime” goes on and on and on. No one ever worries about who might have created a “climate of hate” against us.

But isn’t it worth asking why Audrey Hale, a white woman, wanted to kill white children? Nope. Big media don’t even want you even to know what her motive was, much less wonder where it came from. If anyone looked into that, he’d have to start with President Joe Biden, who spent more time on white supremacy and systemic racism in his inaugural address than on anything else.

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You’d have to look at every town, company, or university with a “chief equity officer,” every church that flies the BLM banner, every teacher of anti-racist mathematics, every “diversity consultant” who makes a nice living teaching how to discriminate against white people, every publisher of children’s books about so-called “anti-racism,” every white person who bows his head and mumbles a “land acknowledgement,” every time a city takes down a monument to a famous and beloved white man.

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I think nothing terrifies our rulers more than the fear that white people might wake up. That they might discover that everyone else has powerful racial interests and pushes them relentlessly at our expense. That they might wake up to the fact that anti-white propaganda is so powerful and so pervasive that even a few white people want to kill us.

And that’s why you will probably never see the rest of Audrey Hale’s diaries.

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