OKX, in collaboration with Polygon Labs, has unveiled the testnet for X1, a new, high-performance Zero Knowledge (ZK) layer-2 network crafted with the innovative Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK).

The launch of X1, envisioned as OKX’s native network, marks a pivotal moment in this collaboration, promising to integrate over 50 million OKX users with the expansive Polygon and Ethereum communities.

X1 is a developer-centric network designed to catalyze the growth of Web3 by bridging diverse communities across DeFi, enterprise, and other verticals. Its architecture, leveraging ZK proofs, ensures a secure, scalable environment conducive to the development of consumer-centric Web3 applications. With its inherent compatibility with Ethereum, X1 promises seamless deployment of EVM-based dApps, enhancing connectivity with a wide range of smart contracts, wallets, and tools.

Jason Lau, OKX’s Chief Innovation Officer, highlights the network’s potential, stating: “X1 will be a key pillar of our efforts to educate and bring our users on-chain and into the world of Web3.” He emphasizes X1’s role in enabling developers to create user-friendly, world-class Web3 applications, maintaining interoperability with other networks.

Sandeep Nailwal, Polygon’s co-founder, echoes this sentiment. “The X1 network offers developers an affordable and user-friendly platform to create decentralized apps,” he notes, underscoring the network’s role in bridging the vast OKX community with the broader Ethereum ecosystems.

Polygon CDK

The launch of the Polygon CDK in late August marked a significant milestone, offering a platform for enterprises and developers to launch ZK-powered layer-2 chains on Ethereum. The adoption of this technology by various tech and enterprise companies, including Astar and Canto, signals a growing trend toward Ethereum ZK L2 solutions. X1 is a prominent example of this trend, showcasing the potential of Polygon CDK technology in driving forward Ethereum scaling and interoperability.

In the coming weeks, further details about the OKX and Polygon Labs collaboration, along with upcoming developer events, are expected to be announced.

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