It is hard to think of another people that has given more to the world than the British. Until very recently, Great Britain could claim to be the most successful country in history, with an unparalleled global impact, military record, and cultural achievements. We Americans are part of that legacy. Today, once-great Britain is perhaps the most degraded nation in the West, with almost no mainstream opposition to population replacement and political repression. The most stalwart recent champion for the British people isn’t even racially British.

Until recently, Suella Braverman was Home Secretary under Conservative prime minister Rishi Sunak. Neither is white, but both at least promised to control immigration. Tory promises don’t mean much; the party has been in power for more than a decade and mass immigration, multiculturalism, and overt anti-white hatred have all gotten worse. Mrs. Braverman may seem an unlikely champion for the British people — she is the daughter of Indian-origin immigrants from Africa. Sadly, this seems to be the best the Tories can produce. Indeed, she was too staunch for the Conservatives.

The Prime Minister has just fired her. In response, Mrs. Braverman accused him of being a fraud. In a brave public letter, Mrs. Braverman accused him of breaking “certain conditions” that he accepted to get her support during the leadership fight after the fall of Boris Johnson. These included reducing legal immigration, putting British law over international law on border control, protecting parental rights, and opposing transgenderism in schools. “I trusted you,” she wrote. “It is generally agreed that my support was a pivotal factor in winning the leadership contest and thus enabling you to become prime minister.” She reportedly has documents to prove her charges.

Mrs. Braverman hinted that she would pursue her own leadership challenge. “You have manifestly and repeatedly failed to deliver on every single one of these key policies,” she wrote. “Either your distinctive style of government means you are incapable of doing so. Or, as I must surely conclude now, you never had any intention of keeping your policies. These are not just pet interests of mine. They are what we promised the British people in our 2019 manifesto which led to a landslide victory. They are what people voted for in the 2016 Brexit referendum.”

November 3, 2023: Suella Braverman with Greek border guards during a visit to the Greek border with Turkey to view surveillance facilities and learn how Greek security forces are monitoring the land border. The Home secretary was on a visit to the region to discuss migration and security. (Credit Image: © Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire via ZUMA Press)

At the time, many thought Brexit was a political earthquake. There has been hardly a tremor. Many British voters hoped an independent Britain would take control of its borders, but the Tories have increased immigration. In 2019, the party broke Labour’s “Blue Wall,” winning white working-class voters and setting up what could have been a major realignment. Boris Johnson, who deserved credit for both political accomplishments, squandered his chances by increasing immigration, miring the United Kingdom in the Ukraine war, and flouting his own government’s draconian COVID-19 rules. The colorless (well, not racially) Prime Minister Sunak is unlikely to change the Tories’ direction, and Labour has a commanding lead going into the next general election. The Tories seem to be deliberately undermining their 2019 victory.

As part of Mr. Sunak’s cabinet reshuffle, he brought back former prime minister David Cameron as foreign secretary. This is an insult to Conservative voters who have been begging for a new course since Mr. Cameron left office. The Conservatives fell even further in the polls against Labour in the immediate aftermath.

A Labour victory would mean further attacks on the Monarchy, and even a possible breakup of the United Kingdom. But already, on immigration, anti-white racism, and attacks on free speech, the Tories have sunk to the bottom. It would be better if such destructive policies were openly championed by an anti-white Left — which might spawn a real nationalist opposition. Even the end of the Union might be worth it if it gave birth to an effective English nationalist party.

The odds of such a resistance are sharply increasing, not least because of Mrs. Braveman’s accurate prediction about a Supreme Court decision on immigration. The Court just ruled that Britain may not send illegal immigrants to Rwanda, because of their “human rights,” an outcome she anticipated in her open letter.

At every stage of litigation I cautioned you and your team against assuming we would win. I repeatedly urged you to take legislative measures that would better secure us against the possibility of defeat. You ignored these arguments. You opted instead for wishful thinking as a comfort blanket to avoid having to make hard choices. This irresponsibility has wasted time and left the country in an impossible position.

If we lose in the supreme court, an outcome that I have consistently argued we must be prepared for, you will have wasted a year and an act of parliament, only to arrive back at square one. Worse than this, your magical thinking – believing that you can will your way through this without upsetting polite opinion – has meant you have failed to prepare any sort of credible plan B. I wrote to you on multiple occasions setting out what a credible plan B would entail, and making clear that unless you pursue these proposals, in the event of defeat there is no hope of flights this side of an election. I received no reply from you.

The prime minister is now reduced to vague promises about “revisiting international relationships.” Not good enough. A plurality of British voters (and over 70 percent of Conservatives) support the Rwanda plan. Some Conservative MPs have lost patience, with several reportedly musing about a leadership challenge. Mrs. Braverman herself could be a candidate.

The excuse for firing Mrs. Braverman had nothing to do with immigration. It was a November 8 column she wrote for the London Times, attacking the London police for what she called biased policing in protests — cracking down on the Right and ignoring violence from the Left. The Police Federation and even Downing Street protested. Mrs. Braverman, who is married to a Jewish man originally from South Africa, has also called pro-Palestine marches “hate marches.”

Protests on Armistice Day just after she wrote her column seemed to confirm her accusations. Police largely ignored pro-Palestinian troublemakers while manhandling counterprotesters. The Associated Press and the Metropolitan Police both blasted “right wing” violence while ignoring left-wing disturbances and rhetoric that would have led to criminal charges against right-wingers. Lost in the debate was the fact that Armistice Day, which is traditionally a patriotic celebration of Britain, had been hijacked for Palestine.

There may be more happening here than first appears. Just a few days before Armistice Day, “Tommy Robinson” (an anti-Muslim-immigration activist whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon), was unbanned on X. He promptly wrote that “British men are mobilizing for Saturday [Armistice Day] to be in London” and to “show our Government and show our police and show Hamas and everyone sitting around the world saying ‘Britain has fallen’ that there is a resistance.” He was at the Armistice Day protest but left in a taxi before any arrests. Staying away would have been better than letting the press blame the “far right” for violence. It’s not the job of nationalists to protest for or against foreign countries — the problem with Muslims is not that they support Palestine or oppose Israel, but that they are in Britain.

Robinson’s actions contributed to Mrs. Braverman being forced out. His supporters would argue that the counterprotest showed that there is “two tier” policing. While officers threaten to arrest white counter protesters, they pose for photos with pro-Palestinian protesters.

British people are powerless even within their own country. The best they can do is counterprotest against Palestine and hope that conservative non-whites such as Mrs. Braverman will stand up for them. Conservatives and Labour accuse each other of racism or anti-Semitism and ignore blatant anti-white hatred.

For more than a decade, there has been a perfect opportunity for a white, mainstream, national conservative figure to take up the banner of British patriotism. None dares. Even Mrs. Braverman, who seems to have a true love for her adopted country, is too much for them.

The Conservatives have now lost the right to complain if a more “extreme” figure emerges. Every one of them has repudiated the British people. The nation has a right to a champion, and Mrs. Braverman’s fall is the final insult to the patriotic base. The party must reform or die. If that means end of the United Kingdom, so be it. It is more important that white English, Scottish, Welsh, and Ulster nations arise from the wreckage. A decade of failure is more than enough.

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