Creality Ender 5 s1 follow up!!

Well it’s been a few days so I thought I’d make a quick follow up post. I posted about almost breaking my machine with carbon fiber filled nylon. Well you live and learn and there is plenty of learning to do around here! So I got the plate and nozzle installed no problem. Then came the enclosure. Creality branded and should be a flawless install right? Newp. Actually down to a single problem it was great. Apparently there are 2 different versions of the Ender 5 s1. One with a rubber runner along the base of the frame and one that’s been switched to metal. Well no one told the enclosure engineers because this thing is meant to be installed with that rubber piece cut. The good news is that guess what! I’m sitting in front of a 3D printer! So I did some looking and someone actually designed a printable part to fix the problem. Picture included. This community is amazing! Thank you all for your advice!

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