This example project is meant as an answer to a question on the Adobe forum; You can see the full thread under this link.

To find a simple solution, I proposed to use the possibility of having 3 different failure messages for the question slide. That solution is possible in Captivate Classic whether it is a responsive or a non-responsive project. However in the New Captivate 12, the option to have 3 different failure messages is gone at this moment. I posted a request to get it back, or to allow to add custom states to the multistate object which has the feedback messages in this version.

The example project shows also the solution to the original question: a highlight will appear after the third failure. This workflow is only possible for a non-responsive project in Captivate Classic, the version which the OP was using.

This is the situation of the question:

  • It is about Multiple Choice questions with one correct answer. Problem with a MCQ with multiple correct answers is that Captivate considers the answer to be correct even if it is partially correct. Hence that limitation.
  • Question has 3 attempts.
  • If the learner fails all attempts, the OP wants the correct answer to be highlighted.

Example project

Watch this example, it has 2 questions which will both show the two solutions after 3 Failures.


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