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Yoga For Dummies & Complete Beginners Part 4 Relaxation, Stress and Pain Relief

In this beginners at home yoga class, Jen Hilman shares a very basic yoga poses for complete beginners. This is basic yoga routine workout designed for relaxation, stress relief and pain relief. It specifically includes flexibility stretches and poses to help relax the body and is great before bedtime or when you need help falling asleep.

This easy 30 minute Yoga class will help you lose weight and belly fat. Follow Along with Jen Hilman.

Jen Hilman teach Yoga classes in Austin, Texas.

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The Yoga For Dummies & Complete Beginners Series

Part 1
Yoga For Dummies Relaxation & Flexibility Stretching

Part 2
Yoga For Dummies Flexibility & Low Back Pain

Part 3
Yoga For Dummies Weight Loss & Fat Burning

Part 4
Yoga For Dummies Stress Relief & Relaxation

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