I am Vinay Kumar Adusumilli. I am 47 years old. I am basically from City of Pearls Hyderabad. I completed my MBA from SCDL in 2008 from Osmania University in 2001 

I have more than 23 years of IT Infrastructure experience (18+ years as Infrastructure & Network Professional, 5 Years as IT Hardware Professional). I performed various roles in my career as a Systems engineer, Network Administrator and Infrastructure Manager. Presently, I am working as a Manager, IT Infrastructure based out of Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, Head South Team in M/s. Wind World (India) Limited, a manufacturing company. 

Before joining cloud computing course, I was working as IT Infrastructure Manager, with absolutely no idea about cloud computing. Now, I have a very clear idea about What is cloud computing, How to use different tools in cloud computing. I have also participated in some of the forum discussions regarding Cloud Computing service providers like AWS / Azure / GCP. I had absolutely no idea about what the discussion was about, I felt like a sheep sitting between packs of wolves and felt left out. 

After joining the program, I am very confident that I am no longer a sheep, in turn I felt like a wolf myself. Now, I am able to put my viewpoints and insights in terms of Cloud Computing. And also, I was able to fill blanks with regards to application development and infrastructure architecture design. 

My choice of joining the Great Learning program was kind of instinctive, as my most of my decisions in my personal as well as my professional life. 

As most of my instinctive decisions have been very fruitful to my life, same has been with my decision of Joining Great Learning. I do not have any apprehensions in learning in online medium. With online learning medium, I can learn and teach myself new technologies on my own space. I do not have to have fixed time for learning in case of offline classes, where most of the time will be wasted in travel to the venue, where classes are being held.

At Great Learning, We have pioneered mentored learning sessions. Tell us how important these sessions are for you? 

Online mentored sessions play a very important role because after going through the online course materials and videos, as a student we tend to come up with many questions. These mentored learning sessions provide a platform to clarify them. We have liberty to raise our doubts during hands on demo by an expert during these sessions. So, in my opinion, these kind of sessions are equally important for any online learning module. 

The quality of the mentored learning sessions has been excellent. Our batch was very active. Till date, I did not have to ask any doubts as most of them are cleared by my batchmates doubts/questions. 

My weekends have been very refreshing with a lot of knowledge gain from the mentor sessions and away from our regular pressured work atmosphere. I was able to forget my pressures & targets during these wonderful 2 hrs of mentor sessions every week. 

Mentor(s) play a vital role in my success so far in the program and I hope same will be the case in future sessions. Mentors has provided lot off support in understanding various technologies and their utilization in cloud computing world 

My sincere advice to the new learners to go through the course material, video recordings provided and also the case studies & video links provided, not once but more than one time before attending mentor session. 

Before attempting any project again go through course material & video recordings to jog your memory. Do not fail to attend “Project Support” Session, even though it is not a mandatory session. This session will give a lot of insights on how to go forward in your project. In fact do not miss any sessions even though they are not part of your intended course, but provide a lot knowledge. 

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