UCLA forces students to participate in woke prayer by pro-Hamas, anti-science, anti-white radical

Johnathan Perkins, Director of Race and Equity at the University of California at Los Angeles

During a mandatory ‘structural racism’ class at UCLA medical school, a pro-Hamas guest speaker led students in chants of ‘Free, Free Palestine’ and demanded that they bow down to ‘mama earth’ for a prayer,” notes Aaron Sibarium of the Free Beacon.

“Tiny Gray-Garcia, who has referred to Oct. 7 as ‘justice,’ began the March 27 class by leading students in what she described as a ‘non-secular prayer’ to “the ancestors,” instructing everyone to get on their knees and touch the floor—’mama earth’—with their fists.”

“The prayer also included a benediction for ‘black,’ ‘brown,’ and ‘houseless people’ who die due to the ‘crapatalist lie’ of “private property.”

“Gray-Garcia later referred to modern medicine as ‘white science’ and inveighed against the ‘occupation’ of ‘Turtle Island’—that is, the United States—before asking students to stand for a second prayer. This time, nearly everyone rose.”

“When one student remained seated, according to students in the class, a UCLA administrator, whom the Free Beacon could not identify, inquired about the student’s identity, implying that discipline could be on the table.”

“Read more about the mandatory lecture for first-year medical students—and about the woke prayer that probably violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment—here,” Sibarium says, linking to the Free Beacon’s news coverage at this link.

The University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) is contemptuous of civil liberties when they are violated by left-wing black or Hispanic people. It also shows contempt for the legal right to be free of discrimination, when whites or Asians are targeted by that discrimination. For example, UCLA’s Director of Race and Equity, Johnathan Perkins, has falsely claimed that “white people cannot be victims of racism,” and “only white people can impose racist harm.”

But the courts have rejected this idea, such as in striking down various college affirmative action policies. Courts have ruled that racial harassment is illegal even when it is committed by blacks against whites, in cases such as Huckabay v. Moore (1998) and Bowen v. Missouri Department of Social Services (2002).

The federal courts have sentenced non-whites to prison for committing violent racial harms — hate crimes — against whites. Those decisions make plain that it is not “only white people” who “can impose racist harm,” as Perkins claims.

Yet Perkins advocates racial discrimination against whites, and frequently expresses racial hostility. He tells whites not to wish him a “Happy Juneteenth” because he will “flip tf out” if they do. He says that whites, unlike Blacks, “should NOT be awarded the day off for Juneteenth,” even though that is discriminatory. Perkins says that while “most” people “value community,” “white people do not.” He said on Juneteenth 2023 that he was “Blaming white people, who should ALL be working today, of all damn days.”

In 2022, Perkins reacted to the death of England’s Queen Elizabeth by saying,“Good riddance.” He also publicly yearned for the death of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, saying on Twitter that “no one wants to openly admit [we all] hope Clarence Thomas dies.”

Perkins has claimed that “every white person is racist to some degree.” But courts have ruled that “baseless accusations of racism” made against white employees because they are white can be racial harassment that contributes to a racially hostile work environment in violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. (See Underwood v. Northport Health Services (1989)). So operating on Perkins’ inflammatory assumption could lead to civil rights violations at UCLA.

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