Asahi Kasei Plastics North America (Apna) is to launch new filaments and enter the 3D printing market. The new filaments include Xyron, which is a polyphenylene ether called m-PPE. The material has good heat resistance and impact strength and the company sees it as an alternative to Ultem and ABS. The company is also releasing a Thermylene Polypropylene (PP) with high stiffness and strength with low warpage. What we all want of course is ASA clean for Material Extrusion 3D Printers!

The University of North Florida is working with the 3D Anatomic Modeling Laboratory of the Mayo Clinic to create an undergraduate course in 3D Anatomy. The aim is to streamline students to be able to work in 3D print labs in hospitals. This is a fantastic initiative that will get lots of people great jobs in an expanding industry. The students will work in taking CT and MRI scans and turning them into 3D printed models.

Fizik has released a new lighter weight zonal cushioning bike saddle made with Carbon, it’s wider and costs $300 or $260.

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