Dr Jessica Rose on her website has converted the VAERS data for the Covid injections into three graphs. These show the implications of the mass vaccination program for the young. Not only are there serious side effects in the young, but they have a higher risk of myocarditis proportionally.

Notice that the risk is so high in young people; why would anyone give the jab to the young when the chances of our youth succumbing to Covid is virtually nil?

As the children reach adolescence, the adverse events take off; most notable are myocarditis/pericarditis, but there are other events such as neurological disorders. If you suffer from myocarditis, there is a good chance that it will shorten your life due to the inflammatory effects on heart muscle.

The graph above demonstrates that most adverse events occur in middle age groups. These are years of working age people. This data correlates with reports from insurance companies of an increase in insurance payouts for this age group. It also confirms why there has been an increase in excess mortality rates in many countries in 2022. More adverse events result in more deaths.

The question arises, why would any parent consider this dangerous shot for any child? That is getting into the realm of psychology. Fear, undying faith in authority, or an inability to use critical thinking may all be factors.

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