April 10, 2021


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3 Most Common Cures for Sciatica by Bob and Brad

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22 thoughts on “3 Most Common Cures for Sciatica by Bob and Brad

  1. I was crippled until I started doing the diy decompression exercises there a miracle just don't stick to the advised 20 30 seconds I've built up to over 2 minutes a time and seeing results.

  2. Hi Bob and Brad,
    Nice vids & great information to sharing about the excercise to treat the sciatica.

    Anyway do you have suggestion for the excercise while we seat on the plane for the long haul? The flight could took above 12hrs for example, any stretching or excercise that we can do while seat on the plane?

    Thanks in advance

  3. I get horrible pain when I just sit up even with a roll support in the lumbar area. My hip hurts like crazy as soon as I sit up. I have to lie down on my side all the time. But it is 100%coming from my back.

  4. I just put the rolled up towel behind my lower back with a heating pad on top of it and my pain went away in about 5 minutes! Will be doing the stretch every day. Now I know that my new routine of walking up a hill is probably the culprit. Many thanks to you guys, you are a blessing.

  5. Could you please tell me. I have problems with my neck when I wake up every morning it is just in Pain. And I'm a side sleeper what should I do with my arms? Always I have a problem on how to position my arms as a side sleeper. So I don't put my body in a strain as I sleep. I have bad neck problems anyway.so I need all the help I can get my doctor says I have a bone spur and probably a touch of arthritis in my neck

  6. Very important tips. During covid, we spend more time sitting in the chair surfing internet for hours either for work purpose or recreational.

  7. You two are amazing! I am only 22 and am suffering from costochondritis from improper excercise and poor posture, as well as sciatica, I'm trying to build myself up and keep myself healthy to live a chronic pain free life 👍 thank you for posting these videos and being informational, wholesome, and I love the intro 🙏

  8. Love what you are doing. I have been looking for a therapist that uses Kensy techniques.
    I live in MD do you know of any chiropractors you would recommend in my state?
    My email is iaquinta1gina@gmail.com
    Thank you for this show!!

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