Toothache is one of the most inconvenient pains. And that’s why it’s better to go to the dentist as soon as it appears. But, sometimes, it’s not possible to go to your trusted dentist.

Do you know what to do in these moments?

Pain always indicates that something is wrong. As in the case with toothache that can have different reasons.

According to experts, toothache is usually caused by the exposure of dentin, usually because of cavities or receding gums. Many times, it is also caused by infections or inflammations.

If you can’t immediately go to the dentist, rinsing your mouth with warm water and salt can help since one of the most common causes is dental infection.

Besides that, sucking on an ice cube or cold compress on your cheeks can also bring immediate relief.

If you have tried all these methods and nothing worked, do you know what is the best homemade medicine for toothache?

Learn about 3 natural ingredients that can help you!

If none of these options work, go to the dentist immediately. According to experts, using medicines without orientation can cause even more harm.

Have you ever tried a natural medicine, besides the ones we showed, that worked?

Share your experiences with us!



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