8 thoughts on “3 Reasons Homesteading Is For EVERYONE!!”
  1. "well folks, this is an additional video !! for you" https://youtu.be/TiIGdyAmF90
    Sir, you see a pond there, maybe it can be a duck pond of 5,000 ducks, never dry for a year,
    if you can't, plant potatoes, if you can't also you plant corn
    the field not vast but can be started for learning hehe,
    if cant also, we make a 20acre stately mansion only $10M and the fields will be moved to another place that is wider

  2. I agree! The skills one will learn on their individual journey can be taught and shared, even if they don’t go the YouTube route like you guys. God bless you guys and keep up the good content and encouraging videos.

  3. Anything to get you outdoors is the key. I don't have animals, but I have free range eggs and grass feed beef in the freezer. I have a huge garden and love to trade vegetables for meat and eggs with people who don't really have time or care for big gardens. I don't burn wood but I collect it and give it to a friend who does and she sells vegetables for me at her baked goods market on weekends. There are so many angles and methods to achieving what you want while making great friends along the way. Your attitude is top notch! Gets me fired up! Keep up the good work!

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