June 13, 2021


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4 Star General Explains America’s Greatest National Security Risk

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42 thoughts on “4 Star General Explains America’s Greatest National Security Risk

  1. This video missed the mark on at least two separate fronts. First, the title of the video doesn't come close to fitting. The question it asks was not answered. Second, you CAN"T throw out an acronym [i.e. BENS] and not tell the audience what it stands for. I can't express how frustrating that is to hear an acronym thrown around and not know what it means.

    This was the worst video, by far, in the series. It is nothing but an ego-inflation exercise for the former Brigadier General. I learned virtually nothing other than how good he thinks he is at his civilian and military jobs. That and the fact that I felt his military service was just a placeholder so he could make whatever contacts he needed, to jump into civilian life, with the most well paying, cushy job he could find. And I think if you objectively listen, you will hear the same thing.

  2. Stop talking about discrimination. Getting sick of this bs topic that spoiled countries care so much about. Stupidity plagues us the most. It’s disgusting for people to fall into acknowledging it as if it’s such an important issue moving the needle in things that are consequential

  3. To me, what’s so weird about listening to all these highly decorated military personnel and how intelligent they seem to be, including the personal losses they almost all have had: is since Korea and Vietnam until and including our current situation , both officially and unofficially, how tragic they really are, in terms of loss of life as well as economically. (Sorry about the long sentence). Losing Vietnam could have been a lesson on how difficult it is to go into a country and thinking we can simply impose our ideology when it isn’t welcome. etc, etc, etc. Frankly , our biggest problem is now the apparent lack of cohesiveness (or at least that is what we are meant to believe)

  4. Are there any plans to make an episode about The Great Reset and The 4th Industrial Revolution, promoted and worked out by The World Economic Forum and International Monetary Fund?

  5. Why couldn’t we connect our power grid to a Satellite system or use military batteries strategically placed throughout the USA as a type of backup system of sorts it seems like this would have been too priority after 911 there has to be a way

  6. Read, right now, Stealth War!!! As an American citizen, as a dedicated defender of Our beloved Republic, as a dedicated defender of Our beloved Constitution, We the People have been deceived. Stealth War is a handbook, a hautingly honest illustration of how the United States has been sold out, hook, line, and sinker, to the CCP, by the very individuals elected to protect us! The status quo must be anniliated now, if the very freedoms we have cherished, for generations, are to remain!

  7. Very disappointing. When Votel mentions 5G and treating businesses as partners over vendors, how about raising the questions of responsibility to SERVE the people? Because as I interpret this, all I hear is A group making money and looking out for their interests. What about what he says identifies effort to create security for the people? I hear control not security. And the rebuilding of war zones is A known strategy. We know industries fund both sides of wars and fight for the financial interests of "re-building". Egotistical maniacs destroying first then pretending they care by making profit on the recovery. I was hoping you would ask the right questions and I heard none.

  8. Israel has captured America and Russia and Israel work together, this post will probably be taken down. Anyone who knows anything knows this. America's last President was Kennedy.

  9. It’s funny how those who call Mathis a traitor in the comments never had the guts to serve and protect their country by wearing the uniform. They love their country so much yet we’re too weak or uninterested in serving but they think they have the right to call someone who volunteered and fought for this country a coward. How unpatriotic and hypocritical is that. smdh

  10. PPP is communism. You will not be free to run your affairs as you see fit, then governments take over. It is also the elites way to offload their money to avoid tax. The World Bank keeps pushing this, as do the rest of the globalist. This guy is extreme;y gullible…. :(( People do not need experts to tell us what to do. Look at the mess the governments are in because of "expert" advise instead of streetwise common sense. I did not like anything said hear:(. gulable.

  11. So if God made one Man just who is it he's at war with if not himself? Look at it for what it is, full grown men wearing costumes willing to commit suicide so a con man that stole control of our money and created a CORPORATE ENTITY that he props up like a statue and makes it talk can claim this G_D he created in his own image gives him the right to rule over all the people and the planet.

    We are trillions of dollars in debt yet our roads suck, people can't afford a doctor, our public school system is broken. Everything that could help the people is neglected but the military industrial complex has unlimited funds to invest in the suicide of Mankind. Our founding fathers didn't trust the military, religious leaders, politicians and it's reflected in our Constitution. The problem is its not followed because these leaders think they know better.

  12. Yeah guys biden blew up that helicopter 9/11 was an Inside Job controlled demolition from the bush / clintons era and now we see this being shown as some bullshit "Patriotic spinoff" when biden was the reason the seal team helicopter was purposely blown up remotely to burn a seal team whose identities got leaked. So now we see this bullshit even on this channel in plain sight hidden saying 9/11 is just some "war on terror" bullshit buddy why did a plane blow up the pentagons accounting department also and the pentagon says 3 trillion tax payer dollars are missing by proxy of donald rumsfeld because it is all BLACKOPS aka "Special Access Programs" or SAPs or "Unacknowledged Special Access Programs" USAPs go fucking look it up idiot its acknowledged by the UNITED STATES CONGRESS

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