April 22, 2021


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40% XRP PUMP! 2020 will be RIPPLE's BEST YEAR!

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22 thoughts on “40% XRP PUMP! 2020 will be RIPPLE's BEST YEAR!

  1. XRP isn’t going anywhere. I wish it would, but it’s not. All the good news surrounding Ripple and the only things it’s done is go down or stay where it is.
    I do hope a year or two from now someone will come across this comment and say, “hey, dumb ass, you were wrong!” Fingers crossed. ?

  2. Change your YouTube team with annoying thumbnail, showing boobs, things that do not relate to crypto just for a click. this is not a prank video channel

  3. No im out on stakeing 32 eth for 2year and cant with draw into the 2 year is up. that alot of money and 2 year anything can happen eth can get hit so bad and wipe out but i did do stake 14k and tron for 365 day and another 1200 and hex max the same day. And the reason why i did that because i get all that tron for free. Plus in January my 365 day will be up

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