October 17, 2021


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5 Charts Show Why Real Estate Has Gone Insane

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23 thoughts on “5 Charts Show Why Real Estate Has Gone Insane

  1. PAY YOURSELF FIRST is the theme if George Classon’s book THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON. I read it in my 20’s, followed the simple plan of setting aside the FIRST 10% of every paycheck, and then retired comfortably at 46. The 100 year old book is on Amazon for about $9.95

  2. Purchasing both, gold AND silver serves as a hedge to protect your wealth. The end of the current monetary system is in sight. Don't be caught off-guard and position yourself NOW, before the Billionaires and Millionaires buy it ALL up. You will only have yourself to blame when you are forced to live on the street. You do have a CHOICE.

  3. from Canada: Trudeau won't be re elected because he is an unethical narcissistic psychopathic liar. The Conservatives are pulling ahead. Wonder Boy has turned into Blunder Boy

  4. I will never pay rent again! When rent can double in four years, you are better off buying with a fixed rate mortgage. Right now is a bad time to buy, so I'm living in a mobile home until the crash.

  5. Mike! So confused here … real estate by measured in ounces of Gold is the same as 1975 …. and Gold is not in a bubble … so your predictions do not make sense … if collapse in real estate is eminent , then , you are predicting a huge drop in Gold ?!

  6. So what is the pin for US housing? It's not garbage loan defaults in mass. Maybe FHA loan distress but conforming loans are underwritten very well. Not sure what starts it.

  7. Good idea to change the topic to Real Estate. Gold and especially silver getting hammered today. Remember when a certain someone said “Last time to back up the truck on silver (about 4 weeks ago….and multiple times before that over the years)?

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