June 14, 2021


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5 of the Best Core Strengthening Ex. You Should Do Everyday. (Great For Back)

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34 thoughts on “5 of the Best Core Strengthening Ex. You Should Do Everyday. (Great For Back)

  1. Hi,can you help me, I have hiatus hernia, so what are the exercises. and moves I shouldn't. be doing? and if you can make avideo of abdominal and back strenghthening exercises appropriate. for hiatus. hernia patients please

  2. Bob and Brad, have you done any videos on strengthening diaphragm for people who suffer from GERD/acid reflux or Hiatal hernia? Whats your thoughts on the subject?

  3. These are great exercises but a lot of the planking positions also mess with my impingement in my shoulder. I've also watched impingement videos and so far the hanging method is working very well, but if I go back to doing anything pushing away the shoulder pain comes back… Thanks for the videos!

  4. Happy new year dear Bob and Brad. You are life changing. My life totally changed by following you. Live you. God bless you Bob and Brad and your family.

  5. I do some Pilates moves that involve raising the shoulders off the ground. And I have found that what helps most to strengthen back muscles is to lift with the lower abdominal muscles. It takes a while to feel them and to bring them into play, but it is better than habitually using neck muscles. I just concentrate on using those muscles to begin the movement. Once you can do that, you get really fast results.

  6. hey guys your looking aged, i noticed the same thing with my grand mother this time of year nid winter people seem to age. brad loss some mussel mass as well. happy new year

  7. Hi, am a long time subscriber, for the last 5 years I suffered from left foot leg glute back pain and right shoulder pain and still suffering, and lately, I suffered from Hiatal hernia, I really do think there is a connection between Hiatal hernia and my posture since the pain is in the left side and the stomach is too, it feels like my left side abs are pressing on my stomach causing the hernia.
    I hope you guys give me an answer or make a video for Hiatal hernia exercises not only massages and breathing.

  8. Hello Idols!! I have disc bulge but now it's sciatica that makes life hard for me. Do you think this is good to do now? I still have 2 sessions of PT using ultrasound and electrodes. They don't give me exercises during PTs. Can I do this now? please tell me. And can I buy thr memory foam mattress? Is it good for disc bulge or no? I need your professional comment please, I don't have enough money now, I send all to family I work in Saudi far from home. Thanks and Happy New Year Idols! 🥰 Please stay healthy we need you 🥰.

  9. After working with a physical therapist for my excruciating back pain, I have been successful with easing the pain. From not being able to sit, stand, or sleep well, or drive, I am now almost pain free– somewhere I thought I'd never be. All because of strengthening my core muscles! I do planks, side planks, bridges everyday. I have never been so strong and trim around my waist in my 40s. In my 20s and 30s I was fit and trim, but the core strength was weak, hence my predisposition to injury and low back pain. Also my discs were degenerating from overuse and my age, and genetics. Nothing to reverse, only strengthen my muscles to support my back. No operation necessary. I'm grateful to my pt and to Bob and Brad for all the helpful info. I know now CORE STRENGTH IS KEY. This really saved my life.

  10. Gentlemen, I have a question. Many people promote working out with bands, as you do, and say that they can build muscle as well as weights. I'm not here to dispute that. I'm here to ask, "What about bone density?". If a woman is older, will bands protect or promote bone density as well as weights, or is the gravity component of weight work what saves bones? Should older women continue at least some weight work, or is it safe for them to completely change over to bands?
    Thank you for any advice on this, as it's hard to find.

  11. Question. What do you do when both SI joints are bad and failed 360 spinal fusion. S1 L5 L4. Over the years now most disk above fusion are herniated 4 real bad. What is a safe strengthening exercises to help my problems? Doctor wants me to have a SI joint fusion which I am not sure of because what happened on first back surgery had a pedicle screw in spinal cord for six years until they found out and removed all ,y hardware which did nerve damage. Please advise at lydsrose57@gmail.com. thank you

  12. You boys are are amazing. After years of your sessions, one can see why we need to work with them. Body is getting stronger and stronger though time never stops.

  13. After 20 years of trial and error and compiling PT's advices to find the best home exercices for my back, I came up with those exact same 5 exercises.
    I just have 3 more for Ab day :
    1) Suspended leg raises on straps.
    2) Abs crunches variation.
    3) in supersets with roman chair rises.

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