May 8, 2021


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7 Exercises You Should Do Absolutely Every Day.

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck demonstrate 7 exercises you should do absolutely every day. Make sure to like us on FaceBook …


41 thoughts on “7 Exercises You Should Do Absolutely Every Day.

  1. I can't stand floor exercises mainly because I have a hard time getting up. I bought a folding exercise mat and put it on my bed to do exercises. It's firm so I'm able to do all the floor exercises on top of my bed.

  2. In doing the "alternate superman" on the floor, my left hip or deep muscles on the side are bothered the day later, sore. About a week ago when entering bed, I lifted my right leg and stood on my left leg, and felt a hot tearing. I am doing total gym 5 times a week, am 62 and have never been athletic. But my goal to strengthen seems to be quite slow. Suggestions?

  3. I was getting a pinched nerve in my neck which made my fingers tingle. I was told to lift my computer or whatever I was working on up to eye level so I would not need to slouch over. That cured it.

  4. These guys are great. A little quirky, fun, move right along and I learn something every episode I watch. Now I gotta quit just watching. Lol. I do the sock trick for the hump in my upper back/neck base at least 4 days a week. Now I’m going to add “7 exercises you should do absolutely everyday” and see how that goes. I can integrate the exercises into my physical work everyday. Really good show!

  5. I need need need to go to your site. I have Parkinson's along with possible ALS and just had colonoscopy next month.. Prayers please.❤ My arms are too weak to scoot myself on the bed so I'm close to the edge😜

  6. If I do have cervical stenosis, can I do cervical neck and shoulder exercise laying down? Using a towel like you? I also have a healing wrist fracture w/out full weight bearing possible….

  7. I had tried many forms of treatments for my neck and back pain for years. The pain never stopped till I started watching Bob and Brad videos and doing the exercises with them! I learnt that no physical therapist alone can help my pain within the short time of each session if I don't try to change the habits and do the follow up exercises! I am grateful to Bob and Brad for their great and fun videos 🌷

  8. Ok. It's 2020. Do you guys came into my life about a year ago, she just about time when the pandemic started. And you guys are tremendous a good informational stuff. Plus the humor is just a kind we need right now. And I take a lot of what you were saying and Inc. And for that you are a blessing and I thank you so much. Hail in Central Florida either December 35 of 2020 or January 4 of 2021. Your pick.

  9. what about touching toes for hamstrings—obviously keeping the back straight…? I've been doing this for 65 years now and rely and rely on being able to reach! Many thanks

  10. Suffering with back? Issues for two weeks now…I found you and I hope you guys are right and I am going to do these
    Thank you for sharing I am now your subscriber……
    If you have anymore bed exercises I would love to try

  11. I just came across your page, because of the video on the Chi Machine’s site. You just mentioned something at about the 8 minute mark that I’ve never heard and it’s such a simple way to check in, mind you, I’ve been going to PT, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc since March 2018 when I had a bad read-ending car accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury. You mentioned thumb placement to check your shoulder posture and I’m floored. So simple, but so effective. Thank you. I was in bed and just stood up and realized my thumbs weren’t aiming forward, but rather about 45 degrees—so maybe between the two positions of bad and good, as you demonstrated. Thanks for that. Man, I wish I was nearby, I’d like to see what else y’all could show me that could get me thinking outside the box.

  12. Y the way my doctor told me to watch these guys two week ago . Before I started watching I could not sleep at nights because of pain in my hand cause from a knot in my right shoulder . I started doing these exercises and now I can sleep at night . I’m so thankful.

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