September 25, 2021


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7 Scientific Urban Legends Debunked!

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37 thoughts on “7 Scientific Urban Legends Debunked!

  1. The sugar thing was probably people just being excited about eating sugary things as well(this most likely isn't correct I'm just a child)

  2. "The cake actually is a lie" – Lovely little Portal geek pun just thrown in there without even a pause for (mass) effect. Nicely done sir, nicely done!

  3. A couple of problems with the information in the video:
    1. He only lists the amount of microbes in the colon. Though that is where the majority reside you must also include those on the skin and mucous membranes if you want to show how accurate you are in a video about accuracy.
    2. The Wikipedia is not a reliable source is a page that's mostly stating that Wikipedia articles shouldn't be used as references for other Wikipedia articles since that would be circular sourcing.

  4. Wikipedia says they're not a reliable source of information so I can't trust the Wikipedia page that says they're unreliable, therefore they're reliable.

    Jokes aside, I don't care what people say and I use Wikipedia all the time. People think anyone can just edit a Wikipedia page to add false information but in most cases this will be corrected pretty quickly and if someone repeatedly does this their IP will be banned from editing pages in the future. A lot of Wikipedia pages are marked "protected" or "semi-protected" which limits who can edit the page because they've been repeatedly vandalized in the past.

    There's pros and cons which would take a long time to discuss but if anyone wants to see a good debate about Wikipedia I'd suggest the episode about the website on the Al Jazeera English show UpFront with the founder. Fun fact; the founder of Wikipedia only has a networth of like $1 million because he made it a non profit organization, he could be a billionaire if he wanted but he isn't, not really relevant just thought it's interesting.

  5. The water thing is difficult to argue against. I have so many friends who swear by it and refuse to accept the 1940s findings. One friend has to visit the toilet so many times, it is like taking a dog for a walk. They are genuinely worried about my health, as I hate water and am rarely thirsty; but I am not dehydrating.

  6. Be skeptical. Extends to politics as well. Capitalism is NOT good, it is predicated on exploitation and it is destroying the biosphere, but you almost never hear this anywhere. Stay curious, and no, PBS don't want you to know this either.

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