April 22, 2021


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7 Strengthening Exercises ALL Seniors Should Do! Period! + Giveaway!

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36 thoughts on “7 Strengthening Exercises ALL Seniors Should Do! Period! + Giveaway!

  1. Hello Bob and Brad…I am beginning to follow your videos…will be needing some post abdominal surgery exercises as well as back and shoulder issues…..I realized today in trying to start my exercise mat is way to hard for my situation now. Do you have any recommended very thick mat designed for seniors with more support? Would appreciate and thank you for providing the videos including the one that gave me the key to getting out of bed during a sciatica episode!! Daniel

  2. I really enjoy your videos and the motivation they have given me. The wall anchored bands look great but I live in an apartment and wouldn't be able to attach them to any wall because of the apartment regulations. I do have a set of bands and would like to see more exercises just using them as free weights, so to speak. Thanks so much!

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  4. The bicep curl is only half way, continue to raise the the back arm horizontal to the floor . Arm 90 degrees then raise with shoulder 💪 . Thanks guys my shoulder is getting there.

  5. Thanks for these ideas. Hopefully one day I will be able to afford to buy bands so I can do these. Lord knows, 10 years after double hip replacement, I NEED THIS!! I cant walk or stand more than 2 or 3 minutes, and if I did this, I'm sure that would improve

  6. Hello, I’m a fan of you guys. You really helped me with one of your videos. Cause I have numbness in my hand when I wake up. Thank you for making these videos!

  7. Quit treating old people like theyre fat bags of bones. I’m 76 and work out like I’m 30 at the gym. Put me in a chair yoga class and I’ll be ready to die. Get the hell off the couch. Don’t accept this “for seniors” shit.

  8. Good morning Bob & Brad when removing the anchors will it damage the walls?
    Is it possible if you guys could do a close up step by step demonstration on how to properly place the anchors into the walls, what tools to use if any, & how to place the anchors regarding someone height & distances? That would be helpful.
    Thank you for sharing.👍
    Be Safe Everyone🌎😷

  9. No equipment here in the mountains of North India. Please make a video that requires less equipment. Foam sleeping mats are available. Possible to roll them up like a bolster. I have water bottle hand weights. I'm boycotting Amazon.

  10. Please consider adding time markers below for easy access to each of the 7 exercises. Thanks. Same for your other videos. It really helps if you want to watch a demonstration more than once.

  11. This was basically an ad for their products. In the about section or at an image near the the end of the video it would help to list the 7 exercises(or the main lesson of each video)

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