May 13, 2021


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21 thoughts on “$70,000 BITCOIN PARTY APRIL, Coinbase Stock Predictions – Ivan on Tech Explains

  1. Warren buffet said when he knows when Gold will go up he doesn't invest in gold but instead he invest gold mining companies so if gold gose up 1-2% than those mining companies stock up 3-4%. I think all investors will see that way.

  2. bro, when do the livestreams start again? u were with us every day through the bear market, seems strange that u stopped doing it the second the bull market really started??? come back to us daily bro, cumoooooon haha

  3. Thanks Ivan bro, for sharing your wisdom with us. Always appreciate it a lot. How lucky were we when you used to share your content with us each and every day at 8am central European time like an atomic clock except for weekends, because on weekends it was at 11

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