Broccoli is a low calorie food that is very rich in nutrients that make sure our body is working correctly and prevent various diseases.

With its high content of vitamins and nutrients like vitamins A, B, C and K, fiber, folate, potassium, selenium, manganese, tryptophan and phosphorus, it can be used in any type of diet.

The best way to consume it is steamed, with leaves and stems, for 20 minutes.

You can also microwave it for 3 minutes, sauté it for 5 minutes so it won’t lose its minerals or eat it raw.

If this famous little “tree” isn’t a part of your diet yet, then here are eight reasons why you should eat broccoli everyday:

1. It’s a Natural Anti-Inflammatory
2. It Facilitates Digestion
3. It Improves Bowel Movement
4. It Protects Our Eyes
5. It Reduces Cholesterol Levels
6. It Prevents Heart Diseases
7. It strengthens Our Bones
8. It Prevents Cancer

Many people think that broccoli is an unpleasant food, but it can be very beneficial to your body, as you can see.

So don’t hesitate and include it in your diet as soon as possible!

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27 thoughts on “8 Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Broccoli Every Day”
  1. I enjoy eating broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, but read somewhere I must limit them in my diet because it will lessen the absorption of synthroid, due to my hypothyroidism. Is this true?

  2. Dear natural cures love the meditation education I just need to relax a man and you help me do that always on the same page with Dr. Paul you would crack up to see my how to look good naked playlist it’s all funny and campy I am always reminded while at this very moment I have a hunk of raw broccoli in my fridge I don’t like to have it more than one day old and probably 4 pounds frozen in my freezer I just finished my ginger lemon kombucha and fed my one year-old grandson the Shmorgala. Shiitake and oyster mushrooms made in fresh ginger and garlic with all of and sesame oil‘s a little anise a little cumin and that little guy one-year-old eats garlic and ginger and he’s a little American kid and shiitake mushrooms and oyster mushrooms right for my chopsticks I always like to remember to eat some raw broccoli because it has such a high protein content I would love to hear you talk on the high protein content of specific vegetables and even those in that complement each other by for filling the 12 essential amino acids necessary for optimal health I talk about it on the Dr Paul Teich. The
    four essential building blocks of health video. So I was thinking about the high protein content of the broccoli and eating it raw to make sure that my proteins and amino acids aren’t denatured by the cooking process it’s like when you cooking egg the actual egg changes states of matter from liquid to solid and I’d like to know what other vegetables cruciferous or otherwise equal broccoli is proteinAnti-arthritis properties and cancer prevention they’re all loaded with fiber well blessings so mode it be

  3. Check out Dr Greger's videos on broccoli as well. The enzyme that produces the beneficial sulforaphane can be destroyed when we cook it. He suggests eating it raw or you can do a few things to help restore the enzyme that produces sulforaphane. You can chop it first and waiting for 40 mins for the cruciferous vegetable tor release the sulforaphane and then cook, as the sulforaphane itself is not destroyed, just the enzyme. You could also mix the cooked broccoli or other cruciferous vegetable with raw vegetables. Mixing cooked with raw can also help restore it. Another trick is to add a little bit mustard seed powder.

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