September 25, 2021


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9 Reasons Why Joe Rogan Should Be CANCELLED!

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26 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why Joe Rogan Should Be CANCELLED!

  1. Freedom of Thought vs. Censorship. The novel is set in a society where the state forbids certain kinds of thought. Books contain the collected wisdom of humanity; denied access to them, people lack the mental skills to resist their government.

    The Dark Side of Technology. Passive pastimes like watching TV are portrayed as harmful purveyors of passive consumption. Technology in the book is consistently used to punish, oppress, and otherwise harm the characters.

    Obedience vs. Rebellion. Humanity assists in its own oppression. As Captain Beatty explains, banning books didn’t require effort—people chose to ban books, because the knowledge in them made them think, which made them unhappy.

  2. Blows me away that a drug that was made for humans (and got noble price) but since you get your knowledge from "Clown News Network or MSDNC that pretty much answers that one

  3. I think this is a very odd video. I hope you will watch it, maybe investigate it. Then talk about it a little. Quadruple murder suspect tortured young girl, showed no remorse for killings, sheriff grady Judd say.

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