May 14, 2021


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90 Second Exercise to STOP Sciatica & Piriformis Syndrome In Bed

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50 thoughts on “90 Second Exercise to STOP Sciatica & Piriformis Syndrome In Bed

  1. I’ve been sleeping like that with a small pillow under my shoulder and one under my knee for 10 years since my piriformis syndrome started. I found it on my own, the only way I could sleep.

  2. Enjoying your videos and learned a lot. Got too much problems on my lower parts of body. Doctors in Japan told me that it is Sciatica and lack of cartilage at my knees. Since Covid19, we stay a lot at home. Lately my butt is aching from to much sitting. What stretching or advice can you do for me especially a lot of people are suffering from this kind of pain

  3. After 90 seconds in a lot of pain , I was ready to give up, then I felt the pins & needles start to decrease, then full relaxation and comfort. Wow. What is it about sitting that bothers the piriformus?

  4. Hey guys! I love the sense of humor and quality information and tips in all of your videos. I was wondering if you guys have considered doing a video explaining the difference between the spondylolisthesis and spondylolysis, and differences between the causes, symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments. If you already have a video like this and I missed it, I apologize! Thanks for all your tips–have a wonderful day!

  5. Question: I am fused from L2-4. Should I do press ups? I have bulging discs at L1-2 and L4-5 and L5/S1. Press ups help my legs but hurt a bit along my spine.

  6. I suffer from sciatica and also sleep apnoea and use a CPAP oxygen machine to sleep. Since my diagnosis I wake regularly with neck and lower back pain. I sleep on a £350 orthopaedic mattress and two orthopaedic pillows, plus I take amitryptaline for pain, but I cannot sleep pain free. Has anyone got any ideas?

  7. THANK YOU BOB AND BRAD!!! Y’all are the best. At first I thought the stretch wasn’t working because I didn’t feel anything … then I was like “OHHH I don’t feel the pain anymore!!!” Amazing. Thank you thank you.

  8. Really worked for me. i have both lower back pain and butt pain, some yoga and stretching exercises can reduce the lower back pain but not butt. However doing this specific stretch really realief the piriformis pain! Thank you!

  9. oh wow. My piriformis syndrome has been acting up this week and was making it difficult to sleep. I just watched this video and went upstairs to try the exercise and maybe take a nap. I fell asleep on my face in the position.

  10. Hi Guys, your videos are the best, i have been watching for years. However, this new white screen video that I watched on my smart tv hurts my eyes, and may interfere with sleep if I watch you in the early evening because of the blue light. Your "in the PT room" videos are highly preferred. I bought the McKenzie books and the soft pollers you endorsed. Please go back to the PT room!

  11. Why do stretches for the piriformis involve external hip rotation instead of internal hip rotation? Does an externally rotate hip also have to be in hip flexion and abduction to stretch the piriformis?

  12. Hello and thank you for all your wonderful advice…question: when in the position Brad demonstrated, I hear and feel a pop coming from around my sacrum, like something catching, is this normal? Am I doing something wrong?

  13. Something I've discovered
    there are two types of Piriformis Syndrome – long and short. Most focus on short but the exercises prescribed do not help if you've got the long version. Follow this link to check out the differences and the different protocols to follow. My sciatica is 100 times better after realising I have the long version, not the short.
    Good luck!

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