February 25, 2021


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A Chinese Guy Confronted Us in Public – What Did He Say?

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42 thoughts on “A Chinese Guy Confronted Us in Public – What Did He Say?

  1. I don’t know sheeeet. I was thinking 4444’z. Were cool like 1111’s.
    So, I added the 4’s up to connect with the 11’s. So, one 4 = 1, 11. And so on
    Ugh 🤦🏻‍♂️. But if you were to have been in China. You’ve better ride that bike 🏍 in circles. 😱. Back to the important news you so graciously brought back ! Thank goodness guy’s
    Reality. Not Crap. Not Gossip.
    Point out issues. Not!

  2. You had a sub meet up in Toronto? You live on the West Coast, have you been to Vancouver, if you came to Victoria, BC's Capitol on the Island, I would for sure make the trip down to support you.

  3. Many Chinese people are brainwashed by “if a foreigner tells me that China is not great, then he/she is attacking my nation and value, I have to guard the honor of my nation” it’s just too narrow minded, but it runs in the modern culture.

  4. Towards a brighter future – under an illegitimate “president” that has stolen his position with the obvious help of the country that i’m not allowed to say here on this (((free platform)))!?
    I expect you to speak up about what’s happening righy now in the us PLEASE!!!!!

  5. my brother from another mother was born in Canton, grew up in HK, moved to Canada and died in Australia Nov 30 2012. Hated the CCP and
    was a true capitalist entrepreneur. I miss our chats bro.

  6. just wanted to say a word about some comments you made about courage and the Chinese and the Americans . You seem to think that Americans can do or say anything about their government without having to worry about any type of repercussions . I would point you to the life/death/story of eric webb the once Pulitzer prize winning reporter . who supposedly committed suicide by shooting himself with a shotgun in the head . twice . then of course there are the cases of the whistle blowers . assange , and the others . just saying that things are at least similar, just that the line before which there is a reaction by the government is different .

  7. "CONFRONTED" verb (used with object)

    to face in hostility or defiance; oppose:


    a sensationalized headline or piece of text on the internet designed to entice people to follow a link to an article on another web page.

  8. I'm showing my autism about cars in America, but that Charger might actually be powered by the Chrysler 2.7 V6 engine which was fatally flawed and commonly burnt oil. The engine was spec'd for conventional oil but ran the oil very hot, and to actually work needed synthetic changes at 3000-5000 miles (not a common requirement for cars when it came out, even the Honda S2000 took conventional oil) or else it would severely sludge. Dodge and Chrysler spec'd 6000-8000 mile oil changes on those cars, with conventional oil. The other even more fatal of the engine was the water pump was driven by the timing chain and would leak coolant into the oil and dilute the oil and kill the engine in a few hundred miles if not immediately taken care of. The engine had five lawsuits and one of the upsides to Chrysler's bankruptcy was that they'd clear the lawsuits by becoming a new company after the 2008 crash.

    Definitely avoid Chrysler in USA, but especially anything with a 2.7 V6 in it (which came as an option in almost every car they made.) To be somewhat fair, Toyota had similar issues at that time with the 1ZZ and 2ZZ motors, but not nearly to the same extent Chrysler did. Engine was one of their first full aluminum engines, and just ran too hot without enough sump capacity and on dino oil, and they had the same tendency to sludge up too quick, but at least their water pumps wouldn't wipe the entire engine out like Chrysler.

  9. Really used to enjoy your videos, very interested in the cultural information, but it seems to be only anti-Chinese govt. discussions now and I'm sure you're by and large correct ( I personally agree with much of what you say), But it reminds me of talking to someone very bitter after a bad breakup of their relationship and they're very brokenhearted. I watch this channel for entertainment, it has really changed over time, evidently you were wearing rose colored glasses before. Good Luck.

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