March 3, 2021


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A Communist Christmas

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30 thoughts on “A Communist Christmas

  1. American speaking of communism? ;DD hold my beer [eastern European]. You live between Nazi-capitalst [republican] and extreme-capitalist [so called democrats] parties and imagine communism ;DD you cannot imagine communism my friends. it is not what you think.

  2. I don't understand Republicans. You hate "the government" or you love the "united states government"? You hate liberals but they are americans so don't you love liberals? You want a small government but you don't want to pay taxes to pay for anything? You think others get handouts then you get a job with the military for a couple of years and get free handouts for your whole family for the rest of your life? Do you hate that? I love being me but i hate my left arm…? What the fuck is wrong with liberals and republicans is that no one is born progressive or conservative. So fucking dumb to pick one side or the other. look to the future people instead of perpetuating the past.

  3. It’s influencers like this that obviously haven’t had anyone dear or near to him pass away from COVID. Hasn’t visited a hospital and seen how at full capacity the ICU and makeshift ICUs are because of COVID. This has nothing to do with politics. This is real life people and it’s happening. If you’re not afraid of getting COVID-19 that’s ok! But are you ok with the thought that you can possibly be Asymptomatic and give it to your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, wife or baby? And God forbid one of them pass away? Just because you were too selfish to wear a mask or social distance until this shit is more under control? Will you blame “the government” then? And I’m sure I’m gonna get negative replies and that’s ok. I am a frontline healthcare worker and have seen so much death and I’m exhausted. It’s a horrible way to pass! But hey keep doing you and not following very simple things that are not Law but mandates to keep you and yours safe for now.

  4. I mean, actors aren’t doing any of the hard work at the hospitals, cleaning, tending the dying, or moving bodies. He makes money staying safe at home uploading videos selling vitamins from his mansion. This guy is going full crazy, where was he talking about concentration camps when kids are in cages at the border… Biden isn’t even a communist, he’s a closeted republican who no one in the left even likes. He promotes hate and fear mongering while saying others do the same.

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