April 20, 2021


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A Coup in the Name of a “State of Emergency”!

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29 thoughts on “A Coup in the Name of a “State of Emergency”!

  1. I saw somothing very wrong when Peter b Collins left newsbud without any explanation years ago. Now we see why. Siblings Edmonds has veered off into quackery. Too bad

  2. Sad Newsbud about the dwindling readership (even on a much larger platform), disconfirms hyperbole. It will mean you have less income from such cameos. Happy New Year! Check "Death to 2020" for kicks and giggles. I do hope your family is safe and healthy however you choose to prance proudly inside Trader Joe's mask less, endangering your own and others. Please do allow your children to make their own decisions regarding vaccination when they reach the age of 12. It amuses that you read comments from plebs like me. Caio. Oh, thank you for the tips on visiting Turkey.

  3. Sibel, your passion for the truth and freedom gives me hope. I wont tolerate these wannabe autocrats and their power grabs. the wasteful spending and unconstitutional "mandates" are neither impressive nor scientific. I wish there were more people as passionate about our rights as you =`[

  4. Does your State emergency provision explicitly allow the governor to roll it over for 30 days without a vote of the Assembly?
    In IL, our law explicitly grants the gov a SINGLE 30-day emergency declaration only, after which the leg must act.
    But he has rolled it over continually. And the State Supreme Court backed him on it.
    Which is nonsense. If the gov can roll it over at will, why would the law have included a 30-day limit at all? It should just read that he can declare emergency without limit.

  5. A coup d'etat has occured.Now is the time for the citizens of the world to fight back against the diabolical new world order deep state globalist criminal cabal They have brought the world to the very edge of ruin.We are now 90 seconds to midnight on the doomsday clock.

  6. Garbage junk news paid for by billionaires let me see your tax return to prove otherwise

    Countries that were very strict mandated lockdown in 40 days brought the virus under control and were able to open the economy back up and get the greatest GDP ever

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