April 22, 2021


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A Day In New Orleans After LOCKDOWN! – NOLA Economy Has Been DESTROYED

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35 thoughts on “A Day In New Orleans After LOCKDOWN! – NOLA Economy Has Been DESTROYED




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    ~ Josh

  2. People are actually saying this is brainwashing? For wearing masks?? In a pandemic?! Dude it’s not that hard, just wear a mask. People love to pull out “well these studies say you shouldn’t wear your mask blah blah blah”, and yet studies don’t mean anything to y’all when talking about the food you eat or the environment etc. Make it make sense.

  3. I mean wearing a mask protects u and other people around u, it's not the end of the world to wear one, now since you're outside it's more understandable not to wear one, and the people wearing masks in cars I will never understand, your pretty safe in your car tbh u don't need a mask on. Wear masks tho people to help bring this virus under control.

    Staying inside does not destroy your immune system if that was the case we would have way more dead people rn, your always surround by bacteria and viruses anywhere u go, your house has a ton of bacteria that u touch while inside and that builds up your immune system.
    The only way that your immune system would get weaken if u were in a bubble with no bacteria in it or on u.

  4. So they stop people from dancing. What happened to 6ft away. The person that one day walks all those thugs to the gelatine. Should alway say each time, "JUST DOING MY JOB."

  5. "Last Waltz Across Texas" at > principia-scientific(.)org > CDC lies, and illegal RINO lockdowns, medieval social distancing, UNISEX BURKAS, Gestapo contact tracing and mandatory voodoo vaccination

  6. The masks serve to increase the EXOSOME [viral, immune response marker] volume, to ensure positive CV tests, along with making people weaker and more vulnerable, to a variety of illness… not to mention, reduced oxygenation… not to mention as a sign of virtual submission… not to mention, that false flag provocateurs will blend in with the public… it goes on and on…

    NEJM Universal Masking in Hospitals in the Covid-19 Era.
    Link to document… nejm (dot) org/doi/pdf/10.1056/NEJMp2006372
    They admit masks do not work.

  7. You keep saying there’s masks on when there aren’t any. Are you hypnotized too, so that you can’t see that people are not wearing them? Noticed that the restaurant posting “no mask, no service”, in an area where masks were not required, seemed out of business. That’s a good lesson to businesses that you could have noted. Also, how can “inspectors” break up dancers if they don’t comply? Can’t be ticketed if don’t give ID, or have “alternate” ID, if you know what is meant. NOLA was always good for finding an “alternative” ID maker.

    Did you talk to people about how they can remember that the power is with them, not from the politicians or officials posing as if above us? You could at least support the discussion of practical measures that can be taken, for example a business protection association that would step in to eject “inspectors”. Maybe New Orleans could eject the whole government, like some towns have, including in Mexico. People seem very happy in such a town now. Put the ideas out there at least, plant some more seeds as you go about the country and your daily life. What are some people doing besides whimping around and looking hopeless. The idea you had to find a vegan restaurant, what is that? Couldn’t you just enjoy and expand upon what is there, supportive of the restaurants and clubs?

    Taverns and the like are still not open, officially at least, in most of Texas. Could you have visited some places among the 70 counties in Texas exempt from Governor’s order, or talked with people in an additional 9 counties where the sheriffs and police have vowed not to enforce the Governor’s orders? Why not cover the exemption these orders have, 11 paragraphs of exemptions in Texas and plenty of exceptions to the guidelines in places like California. That’s a way that they get away with pretending these edicts from wannabe dictators are “laws”.

    Sometimes it seems typically like a lame Libertarian, thinking they had things figured out, picked a nice milquetoast party that just poses and theorizes. You’re now somewhat peripatetic lifestyle seems a good opportunity. Thanks for what you’re able to do and your videos are appreciated. This one in New Orleans is interesting, especially since haven’t seen many others, if any, who are looking into what’s actually happening on the streets and in the businesses there.

    Seems we know enough now we can continue and expand upon the good and what works. Every one is doing what they can, more will join in. It may be taking time for some to be more fully aware, sufficient to bring about what we’re aiming for.

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