September 25, 2021


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A Jobs Crisis Is About To EXPLODE!

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36 thoughts on “A Jobs Crisis Is About To EXPLODE!

  1. 30+ years ago moms especially complained about being home with kids, wanting to get away into the workforce. Now people are saying working from home with family around is wonderful! We flip flop too much. I'll give this home working 3 years before complaints.

  2. I love my business. I make big money and then after all the blood sweat and tears I hand almost all of it over to big government, big insurance, big banks, and big business. Great system. Probably this is why I am downsizing to a mom and pop operation, because I won’t make anything once inflation and wage increases occur.

  3. Canada is importing workers from developing countries to keep wages down despite large unemployment at the behest of corporations which don't ever want to raise wages and want to replace local workers asking to be paid a living wage.

    When govt interferes with free market pricing of labor to benefit one side (corporations, banks) over workers, it creates poverty and destroys the productive economy. It cheats one side out of the fruits of its labors to benefit a select few.

  4. About to quit my job too ( IT branch ).
    Loyalty , experience, committment…..counts for shit.
    I can go anywhere and make 30-50% more.
    When you are treated like sh*t, expected to do more, and then more and then more….
    This is what happens

  5. Many productive people are tired of watching central banking and other financial crooks steal their savings and earnings through various con games even while offloading their losses.

    That coupled with all kinds of other measures to suppress wages, squeeze more out of the working poor and get "mainstream" media to be propaganda outlets is beginning to wear thin.

    Why work hard only to be ripped off by crooks and con men? And so many have dropped out of the work force and opted to enjoy life instead even if it's for a while.

  6. I don't fully agree that you're more employable just because you're already in another job when looking for a new one. That's a very broad umbrella kind of statement to make and partly what's wrong with how HR and the working world is right now and the lack of flexibility within it. Lots of things happen to create a situation where one might be out of work or have to leave a job. Illness, family situations/crisis, caring responsibilities etc. Life happens! This is something that's still wholly and inadequately unaddressed in the modern 21st century working world and actually I think ties right into where we're at currently in how thinking, assessing and evaluating our needs are met so that we don't find ourselves in exactly the kind of situation that may leave us jobless and without a backup in the first place.

  7. Supply and Demand of artificial intelligence skilled jobs are in a crisis. Skilled software engineers, etc., are in short supply and job offers are commanding extremely high salaries.

  8. If all the scumbag employers out there actually gave their employees fair and competitive wages the extra unemployment money wouldn't even be a factor, not even close.

  9. Alot of employers may want staff back in the offices but the truth is the number that doesn't want the workers back in house is much much larger. The name of the game is to save money and that's exactly what they're doing when they're eliminating a large percent of their overhead.

  10. I’m in the UK but it seems far too many tried chasing “the American dream” which was never really real unless you got neck deep in debt. Lots of the west chased a similar dream too. Everyone wants more and more but the more they chase it the less they get and end up broken.

  11. Why would anyone want these lousy low paying jobs? Pay them a decent wage for crying out loud! And stop using robots to do jobs! Then you might find workers for thankless jobs. And for the record, I have a college degree and education at a university is overrated.

  12. These are the most enlightening and reasoned comments I have come across on the whole of YouTube – I had been thinking most people were lazy bums, but the reasons are all diverse and legitimate. The lazy unemployed will be the lazy employed, but the others are seemingly in a good place mentally and financially, but watch out because the Deep State has you in their sights and they want to erase the middle classes to gain control over the ‘impoverished’ masses.

  13. Neil
    I am very grateful to you fir your sharing your love and knowledge of business and economy, and your common sense attitude toward life. You are a breath of fresh air. Thanks.


  14. Govt unemployment statistics do not include those "not looking for work"…. unless you have signed on as unemployed you do not count in the statistics. The Self employed or those who are medically signed off from working are in the millions but are invisible in the govt statistics

  15. The one worker I was able to keep through all this mess, you can tell she is pissed because all her friends were getting paid to lay around. I’ve had to give her so much bonus money to keep her from going postal..

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