36 thoughts on “A Letter To The IRS: Go Fuck Yourselves You Bunch Of Criminals”
  1. Soooo, whats the difference in the mafia's extortion racket and the IRS? The mafia gets prosicuted for it and the IRS doesn't. Just how many times can the IRS tax the same dollar bill? This is not what we as soldiers serve for. I no longer feel patriotic towards my country. Infact just the opposite. Time for a change in how the IRS operates or we should take action against said party. Punish the IRS for theft and make them accountable for their actions, for theft and extortion.

  2. I just can't believe this is our story. Born into slavery with "freedom to go outside." I vow before the end of my working life. I WILL gain my freedom from this bullshit leech STEALING my fucking money!

  3. They say I owe $12000 for this douche who did my taxes in 2001. Now they say I paid no sales tax for each job I did for the last 6 years. I'm 53. I work for myself and struggle to make ends meet every year. I ain't paying shit. Ain't cooperating. Ain't paying taxes anymore. Fuck them .lady actually laughed when I said that would ruin my life

  4. After how I have been treated by the police I will never support a system the ensures they are paid by the people.
    After I lost my family farm to Taxes…I will never give one cent to the irs!…
    The Government failed me and provides no service to my life.
    Only harassment and deception and theft!
    It does no go to all !

  5. Just got my first paycheck for first two weeks. Made $ 1388.09 now after TAX I only have $987.63. That piss me off..
    Make me so angry. I dont understand why it is so much. Why work at all !!! If I'm going to lose $400 every paycheck. That $800 a monthly. I'm so angry at this. That more than my rent. I'm working my ass off.

  6. Yep i paid literally my taxes in full. Then they send me a stupid fucking letter in March this year saying I owe another 572 dollars FOR NOTHING. Fuck the IRS. Come throw me in jail you fucking stupid asshole IRS assholes.

  7. Fucking IRS essentially takes out half my paycheck, sets me back years even though I'm the one fucking putting my money into the market.

    I fucking hate Socialists, Scum of the fucking earth

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