July 26, 2021


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A Message From Your Haters

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46 thoughts on “A Message From Your Haters

  1. This is just the message that I needed to hear! Ready to prove these haters wrong and qualify them! Wishing everyone the most success! 🙏🏻🙌🏻

  2. If you were so successful and influential thinker, Mr bet David, what others say shouldn’t matter. Criticism is required for progress but pyramid scheme geniuses like you, who are great at encapsulating people.

  3. Have been Valuetainmer for long time and this I think is my first you tube comment but Pat, you nailed this one!

    in my opinion this is one of your top 3 videos where you give direct advice without any bullshit! Do more of this, go hardcore Bro!

  4. It’s not hard to be an “accurate” skeptic. There are fewer winners than there are losers. Even winners have done a lot of losing. And everyone can be found “less than” another or their own ideal. Looser. If I measured greatness by being accurate more often than wrong, I would criticize everything and everyone all day long. I’d be the life of the party.

  5. SOCIOPATHS are the kill joys of spirits and dreams. An empath and really good person cannot cope with that. This is the one thing barrier that cannot be overcome 99% of the time. You are smart and you were tough enough which makes you the exception. You do not have a place for these bright minds and good people to excel. Talk is great, but there's more to it.

  6. I have a topic you should speak on.. The national anthem and who wrote it and what it represents….This is not about the flag is it about the anthem

  7. ❤️ you PBD!. This has been, hahahaha, my mantra at my kids, “Prove me wrong.” When they’d say I was just being a “hater” I’d say, No, I’m not and all you have to do, is just prove me wrong.🤨

  8. Anyways ..i been giving alot of thought to what you said.And …people ..even if you prove them wrong are never gonna forget.Like the song says …haters keep on hatin ….no matter what.Even if you do prove them wrong.They never gonna let you forget no matter how good u do or what u do to make it right.They dont forgive or forget.Cuz their battle is with themselves !If i fuck up depending on what i did ..and i go and try to fix it …prove somebody wrong …most people will believe a lie before they will believe the truth.I put haters in the category of gossipers.I know ..ive done both !And i learned the hard way.But most people …most people …arent so quick to back off .Even if you do make it right.Depending on what you did of course.Some things you just cant fix.Most things you can.Provided we are talking about most things and not some things ..haters and gossipers …most of them …still wont give in…and will make it their lifes mission to destroy another person at all costs .Even though it was not a capital offense .🇮🇹Say someone is a loser and they prove people wrong by becoming a winner …very few …very few …will give credit where credit is due .Jealousy insecurity amongst other things including projection and perception are heavy factors .

  9. Great motivation! I love these videos you put together Patrick because I know they get people thinking and challenge them to only do better and improve their lives. It's what you don't want to hear some time that pushes you to get off your ass and do something about it. Who would of thought we can all coexist after all!

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